Offer your members a unique, personalized reading, researching and learning experience.

With Impelsys' KnowledgePlatform solution, you can create a customized content portal to manage your complex content and online learning requirements.

A portal built on the KnowledgePlatform solution acts like a reference repository for your members where they can access books, journals, reference works, CME, online courses, multimedia, presentations and more.

It is a web platform solution that has been built on the business requirements of publishers, out-of-the-box modules include - Authentication, Reporting, Static CMS, Access Controls, Trial Workflows etc.

Key features of the KnowledgePlatform


  • Robust shopping module with discount engine and coupon code for redemption
  • Multi-device compatibility for the portal
  • Support Print and eBook sales and subscriptions
  • Full-fledged institutional subscription model with support for libraries and consortium
  • Support for various Payment Gateways and Net Banking
  • Data analytics available on the portal
  • Configurable 'featured' and 'Recommended' products
  • Flexible subscription model that enables chapter- and article-level purchases, in addition to product-level subscription
  • Title Bundles or Packages can be created combining multiple products
  • Full-fledged CE feature with support for offline CE Apps
  • Secure authentication modes for individuals and institutions ranging from IP, Referral, Single Sign-On, Shibboleth, Athens, etc.
      • KnowledgePlatform is a solution for Functional Content that is targeted at Professionals, Researchers and Learning Communities.
      • For more details please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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