Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) that is built specifically for publishers by people that understand and know the needs of publishers!

With workflows, tools and processes that are specifically tailored for publishers and book production houses, our solution beats other generic systems hands-down. This ensures that you spend less on customizing a generic solution and more on achieving productivity from day one.

Our solution


  • Is customizable and scalable
  • Is easy to access and use
  • Distributes file storage locally and on the cloud
  • Offers a metadata and full-text search with facet to ensure easy discoverability and retrieval of assets
  • Ensures that your digital assets are securely managed
  • Augments file sharing and collaboration
  • Auto extraction of file metadata
  • Allows you to define digital asset groups and custom metadata
  • Supports XML-first workflow and custom content workflows
  • Automated media conversion workflows
  • Allows auto-generation of previews
  • Enables you to manage pricing options & copyright information
  • Enables defining and discovering asset usage within titles
  • Allows you to create and manage individual users and user groups
  • Allows you to give rights to view, download, upload, manage or edit various assets to individual users and user groups
  • The platform can be customized as an effective Digital Asset Distributor (DAD)
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