Flash is dead! Long live HTML5!

We loved Flash and we love HTML5!

Combined with CSS3 and the latest JavaScript libraries, HTML5 has emerged as the primary standard for user front-end on mobile devices. It is the way to go, if you need interactive and immersive experiences on mobile devices. And it's not just mobile devices; HTML5 is becoming ubiquitous for online content delivery as well with responsive layouts.

Our design team helps plan and visualize the best possible experiences, while retaining core content structure. We help come up with unique user experiences, leveraging the features offered on mobile devices.

Our HTML5 conversion strategy helps you convert your existing content, from legacy formatted content to adapt and display perfectly on any mobile device or web browser.

Our apps help deliver content with your own branding as native apps or web apps, and sometimes as a mix of both! Our apps use best practices available on each mobile platform to ensure compliance to their respective app store rules.

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