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A Business Model for Every Requirement

iPublishCentral offers different models to fit into the business requirements of various publishers. Over the years, publishers have approached Impelsys with their ideas and vision to help them sell better and monetize on their digital content more effectively. Here are the different business models built into the framework of iPublishCentral.

Retail Model: This is a standard eBookstore that allows a user to purchase an eBook/Print book of their choice with multiple payment options. Customers purchase and access the eBooks online directly through the portal, download eBooks to their devices and access them on Offline Apps on the iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets.

Institutional Model: A full-fledged catalog of all eBooks published is available to institutions such as libraries (public & private), schools, colleges, professional institutions etc. to choose from. The institution can purchase a subscription for their users to access under one main account. All users within the institution can access eBooks online within the institution and offline, and outside. Various authentication options are available to authenticate users within the institution. The options available are IP Ranges, common username and password, library card numbers, referrer URL along with add on options like Shibboleth and Open Athens authentication methods.

Book Club Model: This model is used by publishers who publish magazines/journals on regular intervals and have a loyal member-base that subscribes to periodically published material. In this scenario, customers can purchase monthly or yearly subscriptions to an entire collection of eBooks. Users will have access to new eBooks added to the collection as and when they are published. Bookclub subscriptions can be set up to auto-renew user’s subscriptions to allow users uninterrupted access.

Library Model: This business model allows publishers to simulate a live library environment on their eBook platform. Similar to the institutional model, a publisher can publish a catalog of eBooks that will be available to institutions such as libraries and other bodies to subscribe to, as an annual subscription. This model allows for additional roles within the library such as librarian/administrator and allows the librarian to control access within the library. Library patrons can ‘check-out’ a title from the titles available in the library and once done reading, ‘check-in’. Each check-out will reduce the limit on the number of titles that user can check-out which will be released on check-in.

With iPublishCentral Impelsys has managed to achieve and deliver the vision of spreading knowledge through technology.