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Impelsys announces a new re-engineered iPublishCentral portfolio that will address the evolving needs of content consumption

Feb 24, 2016

Treading on their experience of working with some of the leading publishers and associations of the world for over a decade, Impelsys today brings to market its comprehensive range of Read to Learn solutions. iPublishCentral, the flagship digital content delivery infrastructure of the company has evolved to support dissemination of basic PDF/EPUB based eBooks to complex SCORM based courseware. Impelsys has announced three flavors of iPublishCentral to address the evolving needs of content consumption:

iPublishCentral Ebooks: A sophisticated eBooks delivery platform that is quick-to-build and adaptable to support multiple business models.

iPublishCentral Enhanced: Designed to deliver complex, meaningful and enriched content furbished with faceted browsing, semantic search, augmented table of contents and more; to enhance the overall reading and research experience.

iPublishCentral Learn: A robust online learning platform that facilitates dissemination of complex educational content supported by rich data analytics and real-time feedback increasing the effectiveness of learning modules.

About this new portfolio announcement, Sameer Shariff, Founder and CEO of Impelsys conveyed, “Today we are witnessing, the convergence of content delivery and learning. Publishers and professional associations are looking to be able to do more with their core asset – content and our solutions enable them in their transformation from content publishers to learning providers.
With the all-new iPublishCentral Suite, we now have the right tools to support this transformation. We believe we now have the World’s Most Comprehensive Read to Learn Solution.”

To learn more, please write to marketing@impelsys.com
Impelsys announces a new re-engineered iPublishCentral portfolio that will address the evolving needs of content consumption.