iPC Scholar 3.0 – Driven by AI | One-stop platform for all your digital learning management


iPC Scholar 3.0 is a fully-featured SaaS based digital learning management platform that provides all the tools and workflows to host your eLearning platform. The new Scholar 3.0 is powered by artificial intelligence. iPC Scholar 3.0 brings an exciting range of new features to further enhance the capabilities and performance of the platform that perfectly epitomizes the company’s legacy of continuous innovation and end-to-end consumer satisfaction.

iPC Scholar 3.0 provides intuitive AI-driven capabilities that respond intelligently to varying business needs. Now, iPC Scholar 3.0 is –

ADAPTIVE – AI has enhanced the power of iPC Scholar 3.0 to deliver on the promise of personalized learning and offers simplified content discoverability.

INTELLIGENT – iPC Scholar 3.0 offers cognitive learning with insightful analysis by exposing the data to different algorithms and as a result, generates informative live dashboards, charts, and even provides recommendations using AI & Machine Learning.

OPEN – With the new functionalities added to the platform, it delivers next-gen user experience across various touchpoints and offers modular architecture future-proofed for the evolving technology landscape. While our platform works independently, it also works seamlessly with your organization’s broader technology ecosystem.

Our flagship platform – iPC Scholar virtual classroom platform has been engineered with a modular structure, so it can easily be adapted for the needs of the publishers and eLearning providers. iPC Scholar 3.0 not only adds-on to the versatile capabilities of its predecessor Scholar 2.0 but also allows its users to experience the newly enhanced platform to its full potential with its built-in contextual help and training.

Some of the most exciting new capabilities of iPC Scholar 3.0 include:

1. All in one platform with built-in CMS, eBook publishing & integrated LMS

  • Manage content in multiple formats (eBooks, audiobooks, video courses, LMS)
  • Maintain your digital assets across all portals in just a few clicks
  • Single source of truth for all your digital content across multiple learning portals

2. Multiple business models

  • 10+ business models to opt from across B2B & B2C
  • Switch between business models based on your business requirements

3. A SINGLE back office to manage MULTIPLE:

  • Learning portals
  • Formats for your learning content
  • Languages (including Left to Right & Double-Byte)
  • Business models
  • Currencies

4. Advanced pricing management

  • Define multiple types of users and price them differentially
  • Pre-defined expiry date for open access content

5. Integrated Journal Platform

  • An integrated platform for Journals
  • Host your own or aggregated content from multiple sources
    • Product Categories
    • Access Types (Open, Restricted, Public, Limited)
    • Access Methods (including from outside your institution)
    • User Types (member and non-members.)
  • Offer organized journal hierarchies & provide information on volume, issue, and article count.
  • Price Management based on user types, collections and bundles, and time-based.

6. Reader-as-a-Service (RaaS)

  • White-labeled or Branded
  • Built-in study tools: Highlights, Underline, Take Notes, Summarize Content, Assessment
  • Availability: Online and offline
  • Compatible with other custom eLearning solutions platforms

7. Choice of themes for your portal

  • Select from themes that best represent your brand
  • Integrated marketing & promotion framework

8. Military grade DRM

  • Manage the consumption of your eLearning content at granular level, both in online and offline modes
  • Built-in encryption that ensures all-round safety of your content

9. Adaptive Learning System (ALS)

  • Takes your LMS to the next level by individualizing content for the learners and personalizing their learning path based on individual strengths, weaknesses, and existing level mastery.
  • Actionable insights for both the Learners and Course Administrators.

10. Continuous innovation

  • AI/ML-based tools that simplify your learning experience
    • iQ: Built-in assessment tool
    • Sum-it-up: Summarize content in both abstractive & extractive forms
    • Metadata Tags: Improve discoverability of your content with autogenerated tags


With the latest innovations and updates, Scholar 3.0 continues to empower organizations with effective learn-tech solutions driven by AI to help optimize the overall experience. Impelsys’ agile products & platform team not only helps to make this platform one of the most innovative solutions that is available in the market, but also looks to the future by integrating innovative and effective technology solutions for businesses.