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Pushing the frontiers of eBook experience

It was exciting to see that iPublishCentral made it to Nasscom Top 8 SaaS-Apps.
This was a significant milestone for the product. While we continue adding new features that are being requested by publishers worldwide, we are continuing to push the three key aspects of a SaaS product: Scalability, Usability and Performance. We now have customers that use the product worldwide. Feedback from these “power users” is helping us to continuously enhance the product and make it easy to use as well.

The one aspect that is clearly pushing eBook publishing is the new smart tablets. They make reading more interesting and fun. Televisions have had 3D experience for a while now. It is obvious that this experience would be extended to tablets soon, although there are some additional technology challenges for rendering 3D experience on tablets. This would be a huge opportunity to push eBook experience even further. Geography text books could use a 3D globe to explain continents, climate patterns, population and provide students with a more engaging experience.

Talking of interesting new experiences, the iPad2 can be connected to a television using an HDMI cable. This would make it possible to read eBooks on a television. This adds a whole new dimension to talking eBooks, audio and video eBooks. The ipad2 in effect becomes a very smart remote that would enable you to interact with a large screen in more ways possible than before.