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Reading, Learning and everything in-between

From pre-BC era clay-tablets to today’s smart phones and mobile tablets, being able to write and render has helped transmit and convey information. Be it symbols, syllabic text or alphabetic text, over centuries humans have innovated, albeit at a much slower pace earlier than now, to convey information effectively. With digital resources being the preferred choice of learning for many of today’s learners, innovation is not just limited to how the information is conveyed. Today’s audience, young kids and students, have a plethora of learning options, some excellent and some not so. It’s easy for a learner to jump from one digital resource to other (how many of us would not have opened up multiple pages simultaneously from Google’s search results?). What can a publisher do to keep the learners on their website and ensure better stickiness of the offered content?

Publishers around the world have employed various marketing tactics to drive learners to their resources. But without the content being engaging and the experience lacking the stickiness, the so-called conversion ratio of learners actually using the publisher’s content remains pretty low. A publisher with digital content that engages the learner better would have put in a lot of thought into what a typical learner expects with a digital resource. Two different learners, with diverse backgrounds, learning the same topic would not necessarily grasp the concept in the same manner using a print book or its digital equivalent. Nor would an online course module that simply explains the concept be any better at teaching. If a digital learning resource has to do anything close to what a real instructor is capable of doing, the digital resource needs to be intelligent. A digital resource has two components – the content that can cater to a diverse group of students, and the software that constantly solicits feedback from the student during the learning process and adapts to the student’s skills level. Adaptive Learning. It’s here to stay and will evolve as students’ demand to use more efficient learning processes grow.

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