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Some Alternate Approaches to Online Book Marketing (Part II)

In this part, we will focus on the value that reviewers and authors can add to the book’s online marketing plan. These programs can be created easily, using free tools that are readily available. An author needs to spend only a couple of hours in a week to achieve the desired results for these programs.

  • Review Blog
    Reviewer relationships are essential for a publisher and review blogs are great tools for showcasing expert opinions for a title. One thing to remember is that in the social world, every reader can become a reviewer. Well-known review blogs have great fan following, with readers subscribing to RSS feeds and email updates from these blogs. These readers form an active community around the blog and comments on a review plays an important role in enhancing the reviews. The publisher can provide the reviewer useful tools like interactive cover arts in the form of widgets and book previews to add value. Reviews can be further enriched by providing the reviewer means to add author videos and title summary presentations. Reviews can also be included into the title’s metadata to create extended descriptions for the title and content. The reviewers also monetize their posts through affiliate programs by including shopping cart links to various online retailers. The publisher can also provide similar affiliate links to their own ecommerce site to get additional traffic to their site and possible direct sales. Once a favorable review has been posted, it can be broadcast on social media channels like Twitter and FaceBook.
  • Author Blogs
    Authors are the main evangelists for a title and they can help sales tremendously. Apart from tours and signing events, author websites and blogs help introduce them to readers as real people. Authors’ opinions on content covered in a title and other generic topics of interest help readers relate to them better. The author’s blog or a website helps in creating a brand for the author. It is easier to sell a new title from the author, if there’s already an active following for the author’s blog. Author brands can help sell, potentially, a series of titles and are very important in terms of value for a publisher. Author blogs can be enhanced with widgets, book previews, videos, presentations, reviews and other supporting material. Creating link lists and rolls help form networks of reciprocity and also help in traffic generation. The blog also acts as a platform for authors to interact with readers who, otherwise, might not have been accessible. Tools like WordPress and Blogger help in creating blogs easily and provide tools to update and maintain the blogs.
  • Author Social Network Profiles
    Author’s profiles on social networks are great places to get communities together. When someone “Googles” for an author, the social network profiles come up right at the top. An author’s public profile can be enabled to host the book cover art or a widget that can be used for marketing a title. Social profiles make it much easier for readers to interact with authors. An author can accept connections and form groups or create pages related to a title and manage interaction with readers. Such author-focused communities can make good catchment areas for repeat sales through targeted campaigns.
  • Author Videos
    Author videos can be used to connect to readers and introduce them to the face behind the name. This allows readers to get to know and understand an author’s work from his/her own perspective. Free video hosting services like YouTube can be used to achieve great results in doing this. A dedicated channel can be set up for hosting all author videos and communities can be built around a channel. The channel can further be used as an announcement board to host promotional videos on new book releases and author tours. Videos of various events like author signing events and conferences can be effective too. Readers can be invited to record and post their reviews to create more value.

To be continued..

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