Creating a Localized and Country-Specific eBook Delivery Solution

Creating a Localized and Country-Specific eBook Delivery Solution

  • Industry:
    Education, Healthcare, Publishing
  • Offerings:
    Learning and Content Services, Products and Platforms


A leading provider of scientific, technical, and medical information (STM), wanted a country-specific eBook delivery solution comprising of a common platform for its institutional and retail users.


Impelsys leveraged its eBook delivery platform, Scholar eBooks, to build an eLibrary for the client, hosting an extensive range of STM (Scientific, Technical and Medical) eBooks and other content, including Netter Reference and several case studies. Users can access the entire collection of titles through purchase, subscriptions, and renewals. It also ensures an exciting reading experience with richer, integrated, and interactive content.


The online library provides users exciting reading experiences with rich, integrated, and interactive content, easily accessible on a common platform. The client expanded its global reach by acting local in each geographical market.

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