Digital Learning Paths

Over the years, technology has played a key role in the education scenario and has changed the way students learn. From computers to eBooks, education has drastically advanced over the years. [...]

Pinteresting, that!

Social media is the global local market. It is a revolution that has directly (and positively) affected individuals, brands and causes across the world. Who could foresee a decade ago that social [...]

To DRM or Not to?

Two recent announcements one by J. K. Rowling and other by Tor/Forge has put Digital Rights Management (DRM) back on the discussion table in the publishing world. What is interesting is that two [...]

Chapter Sale

The future of eBooks is brimming with possibilities and promises. Nothing short of a revolution is happening in the domain of eBooks. Increased interactivity, e-reading clubs—authors, publishers [...]

Text eBooks

Heavy and thick print textbooks that I was accustomed to while at school, are slowing beginning to evolve. A few companies are taking a fresh look at the way textbooks are designed, and published [...]

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