Digital Library Foundation


Our vision is to make the world a better place by helping spread knowledge through technology. We believe that knowledge is the most important catalyst for social transformation. We aim to create environments in economically deprived schools where students can develop a new interest in learning, optimizing knowledge to its greatest worth.


The Impelsys Foundation is a philanthropic initiative created to help spread knowledge across underprivileged schools using content and technology. The Foundation seeks to accomplish this by creating digital libraries, which can allow children to expand the borders of their knowledge and strengthen their interests in learning. It is set up by Impelsys’ a technology solutions company that offers digital products and solutions to the global publishing industry.

Many impoverished students lack motivation to learn and we as a Foundation hope to elevate student’s interests in learning and open doors to areas of knowledge that they have yet to explore. By establishing this interest, we want to re-define the meaning of school, so that children have more to look forward to,and have an easier time learning new things. Providing these libraries will also help students acquire skills in the basics of technology and will improve English language skills, which is often a lacking feature of many school curriculum’s. We strive to help as many underprivileged schools as possible, in hope that, one day, our Foundation can change the lives of children across the world.


Our Foundation has access to a wide range of content from leading K-12 publishers around the world. With this content, we hope to create online libraries, which will grant students access to a wide inventory of eBooks. The Foundation will identify eligible underprivileged schools and provide the following:

Computers: Five for each school

eBooks: Content provided through the iPublishCentral Platform

Internet Connection: To access the digital platform

Librarian Supervision: To train the students to use the digital library and content optimally


We hope to sustain the digital libraries within the schools by the support of coordinating librarians and volunteers. Under the guidance of assigned head librarians, who will be trained to effectively optimize the content we provide in the libraries, the Foundation can ensure that students gain access to all sorts of information and learning material, which may be integrated into their own school teaching systems.

The Foundation also aims to catalog the inventory of available content into various level standards to make the accessibility and learning process as proficient as possible. To help the librarians with capable volunteers, the Foundation will be partnering with Youth For Seva, a non-profit organization responsible for empowering youth to take an active part in community development through volunteering.


Our goal is to start with one school, but eventually create a model that can be replicated and used to touch the lives of students around the world. Sponsors and donations are a vital component of this goal, as we need your help to scale this initiative across the globe.