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iPublishCentral launched successfully at Frankfurt Book Fair

Back in Bangalore after a successful show at Frankfurt, and managed some time to write this blog after sorting out a mountain of emails.

Frankfurt Book Fair was hectic. Can’t say enough about the serial meetings, non-stop walk ins, and hundreds of enquiries about our new product – iPublishCentral has created waves, and the team is still reeling under the tremendous response it has got.

Frankfurt Book Fair is the largest book fair in the world, and it attracts people from across continents. Everybody at the fair agrees that this is a must attend for anybody related to the publishing industry. This year, they agreed on another thing. That iPublishCentral.com is a brilliant product. We have had some of the leading publishers from countries like US, UK, India, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Taiwan, Portugal, Turkey, Kuwait, Egypt, UAE, and many more looking at iPublishCentral and wanting to sign-up immediately.

One of the leading publishers thought, after he saw a demo of iPublishCentral.com, that this was the most amazing thing he has seen in a long time and we have built a truly revolutionary product. Yes, it was a bit flattering, but, he was only being honest. And, there were a few others who thought that the free iPublishWidget was too good to be real. When Nizar (M.D. Impelsys) presented at the Science Forum, the audience was thrilled. Many were not aware of some of the facts Nizar presented, and they were keen to learn more.

With so much happening around us, it was only natural for us to feel happy and proud. Through all this, the images that kept coming back to me were those of the Impellers who worked tirelessly, day and night, to make this dream product a reality. Seeing the industry embrace iPublishCentral.com was truly gratifying, and a fitting tribute to all the hands that built it.

I am ending this post by summarizing that the launch of iPublishCentral was a grand success. I am excited to see what the future holds for iPublishCentral. But, one thing is for sure.

iPublishCentral has arrived to redefine online publishing!