Impelsys Newsletter 2019, Issue 02

From the CEO's Desk

As the summer is approaching and we all are looking forward to a little time away from work, I hope that the year 2019 is going good for all. As I sit down to write this letter I see the energy and excitement around me at Impelsys and it gives me immense pleasure in knowing that the whole company believes in our collective vision of making the world a better place by spreading knowledge through technology.


Learning Center

Preparing young learners for jobs of the future

The world of work is now going through the most disruptive changes after the industrial revolution. The dynamism of the global economy, which runs on evolving technologies, is creating new opportunities and has been able to provide work for more people than before. However, the same dynamism is also posing a challenge, while there is limitless new opportunities, there will also be massive dislocation of jobs.


Market Watch

One year of GDPR - what does it mean for organizations

It’s been a year since Europe’s GDPR came into force now. Since most of the businesses now have consumer data at the heart of their operations the GDPR was a big shake-up for businesses who had relations with European consumers. GDPR brought about a new kind of awareness and education among consumers about the value and consequences of their personal data.



Impact of Point-of-Care technologies on Healthcare

After going through multiple phases of evolution healthcare industry is now largely driven by technology. The reach and impact of technology is pervasive in modern healthcare systems. From various tech gadgets and contrivances to advanced interventions like gene therapy, tailored medicines, regrowing damaged body parts, ‘intelligent’ surgical knife for cancer detection and robotic surgical systems, technology is used consistently in the delivery of vital healthcare and life-saving procedures.


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