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iPublishCentral 6.0: Enhancing the User Experience

From 2009, when it was just an eBook platform, iPublishCentral has come a long way to being the world’s most powerful eBook delivery platform. iPublishCentral is a white-labeled delivery infrastructure solution that enables publishers, through a SaaS model to warehouse, market, sell, and deliver content.

The latest release iPublishCentral 6.0 is a mobile initiative. Anchored around improving the interface layout and design, along with a few more added features, this enhanced version aims at enriching the user experience still further. Here are the features

  • Enhanced user interface

The user interface design has been optimized to offer readers an enhanced and engaging experience. The iPublishCentral 6.0 release that offers separate layouts for smartphones and laptops/desktop also includes new templates for retail and institutional sites. Publishers can control the titles shown on the home page of the portal, and also choose product information that users see on the product details page. Users can access the enhanced portal from laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones and seamlessly browse through the collection

  • Text-to-speech

Text-to-speech services have been enabled on the online EPUB2/3 reader for an immersive and engaging reading experience. Readers can access the functionality using the “Speak” icon on the reader. Once the feature has been activated, they can “play/read out loud” a title, while reading on the online EPUB2/3 reader.

  • Dictionary Look-up

The dictionary look-up feature is aimed to provide a hassle-free reading experience. When connected to the Internet, readers can easily search for meanings. This service is available on the online EPUB2/3 free flow reader.

  • Learning Plan Creation

The learning plan feature allows the user to create notes, collect and organize information in a sequence that is useful. Readers can save their class notes, TODO lists, research notes, journal entries, paper outlines, etc. This feature is available on the iPublishCentral Reader for iOS devices.

  • Changes to Admin Console

iPublishCentral 6.0’s Admin Console has been enhanced, to make the administration of the portal more user-friendly. With an improved interface, publishers can manage eBook format options, delivery channels and manage the static pages of thier eBook site through a rich-text editor that supports text, images, tables and more.

iPublishCentral 6.0 is a mobile-first initiative that allows publishers to offer their users easy purchase, navigation, and search operations from their hand-held devices. With this mobile-first approach, iPublishCentral 6.0 has taken the user experience a notch higher.