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Launch of the Sesame eBookstore

On March 20th we finally launched the Sesame Workshop eBookstore. The launch was followed by a spate of e-mails from subscribers telling us how thrilled they were to finally lay their eyes on the digital versions of their favorite stories and to see the characters come to life. This followed by overwhelming response from mainline media, television news and bloggers who covered the news about the launch, had us in high spirits. Working with a household brand like Sesame Street has been very special to us and with this launch our hard work and nights of toil finally saw the light of day.

Brands like Sesame Workshop opting to convert as many as 900 of their 5000 published print titles into eBooks, definitely marks a milestone in publishing. Traditional publishing, while still very much a part of the industry is incomplete without its digital counterparts.

In the past year, the publishing fraternity has gained critics and patrons, received praise and condemnation, faced evolution and revolution, been named the light of the future and the black hole of failure. But one thing that unites those critics and the patrons is the realization that the eBook cannot and will not be ignored.

The stamp of approval and the verdict has been passed with brands like Sesame Workshop going the eBook way. While there has been much debate on the subject of eBook pricing, Sesame Workshop has opted to go with the subscription based pricing model.

Fans, parents, teachers and schools can subscribe to get unlimited access to a library of more than 100 Sesame Street eBooks for an annual subscription price of $39.99, with a special early bird offer at $24.99. Titles are offered in a variety of formats such as eBooks that allow a child to read along at their own pace; audio eBooks that contain narration, sound effects, and music as well as animated and interactive eBooks that bring beloved Sesame Street characters and stories to life in full-color animation inviting children to play along and learn.

So do take a look at the brand new Sesame Street eBook store, show it, share it and relive your childhood with your kids, nieces, nephews, neighbor’s kids, the noisy ones down the lane and every Sesame Street fan you know. And, if you want a sneak peek before subscribing, they also have 5 free eBooks introduced every month!