Gearing up to unwind innovation at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019


Frankfurt Book Fair 2019, as we know is the confluence of culture and content. From the past 70 years, this grand event has brought together authors, publishers, professional visitors, and readers all under one roof. It manages to captivate people from all over the world over and over again. 


This year starting from 16th October till 20th October it’s expected to be a grand spectacle again and we’re all set to welcome publishing houses, associations, and societies at our exhibition booth J47, Hall 4.2. The number of exhibitors at the event is expected to be over 7500. There will also be 109+ countries participating along with 2,85,000 visitors, and above 10,000 journalists and bloggers. As usual, there would be multiple highlights such as business conferences, a book fest, arts event, gourmet gallery, literary gala, reading marquee, campus weekend, cosplay, and many more.


For Impelsys, it is a special earmarked Frankfurt Book Fair event as we reach the 10th anniversary at this exhibition. If you’re wondering what’s in our agenda then we’ll be making some major announcements about iPC Scholar and some of our recent initiatives as a part of our Innovation Lab, which are:

  • An AI/ML layer on iPC Scholar which will offer enhanced services to publishers such as product bundling, product enrichment, virtual tutor, and other perks.
  • Metadata tagger which will enhance the content metadata, categorize, and granulate it via a knowledge graph.
  • MCQ/QA generator which will automatically create MCQs from the text of the article or a chapter of the book.
  • Audience segmentation which will separate casual learning from professional learners, a novice from an expert, a consumer from a decision-maker, and will work in many other ways to aid the recommendation engine to take the right path.

With this initiative, we aim towards bringing a plethora of emerging and disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing, IT Infrastructure, and Cloud Computing services. 


Our attendees at the event will include:


To schedule an appointment with our expert panel click here. We wholeheartedly believe the fact that companies need to utilize revolutionary technologies to gain an edge in the industry today. That’s where our set of disruptive technological solutions would aid them in going forward. 


We’re excited to connect and network with everyone associated in the publishing industry and hope to create an impact with our Impelsys Innovation Lab. 


Make sure to visit our booth J47, Hall 4.2 to get thorough insights or email us at for further details.