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How do you get your content discovered once you create an e-strategy and deliver your content online?

In the new blog series from AEP, What’s Keeping You Up At Night?, experts offer their advice on the most pressing issues facing the educational publishing industry.

The following question was posed to the current featured expert, Sameer Shariff of Impelsys Inc.

Q. How do you get your content discovered once you create an e-strategy and deliver your content online?

A. In the electronic space where more and more people are reading online, viral marketing tools like widgets and book previews provide good opportunities for publishers to market their titles across the web. Here are few ways you can use widgets and book previews to get your content discovered online.

1. Capitalize on web 2.0. Use widgets and book previews to spread the buzz around your titles on social networks and blogs. You can blog about your latest title, add a title’s preview link to your social network profiles or as status updates, and also tweet about it. Readers who include your content on their social profiles in turn send out access to your content samples to all the people on their respective networks. This helps in spinning out a viral web of individual content nodes without having to spend time, effort, and money to contact these readers and their networks directly.

2. Search Engine Optimization. Widgets also come with a ‘buy link’ option that allow readers to buy directly from your e-commerce portal and get traffic to your website. Most of the social media is indexed by search engines. As the number of people who include your content samples increases, it increases the weight of your content in search results. As these widgets are spread across the web, they increase the back links to your website that improves your web page ranking and search results.

3. Make new announcements. Each widget becomes a small window that a publisher can use to send additional announcements and updates to already existing network of readers without having to create additional marketing programs. For instance, promotional offers and discounts can be effectively communicated to readers to see immediate results on your promotional program. This can be used in addition to your marketing email campaign and as a tool to reach out to existing readers and their networks.

With widgets and book previews you can reach global marketplaces and build a presence in online communities that will help you understand your readers, their preferences and build direct relationships with them.