Impelsys, with the Hipertexto-Netizen’s partnership, builds white-labeled native mobility solution for e-Libro, the world’s first virtual library of Spanish language publications

Impelsys_ELibro_Hipertexto-Netizen Partnership

Impelsys Inc., a market leader in digital publishing and learning technology solutions, through its partnership with  Hipertexto – Netizen, joins hands with e-Libro, a pioneering virtual library of multi-disciplinary academic content such as books, articles, theses, journals and reports in Spanish language with a widespread reach across the Spanish speaking regions of the world, to build a white-labelled, offline content fulfillment solution through native iOS and Android apps.

e-Libro is an authoritative supplier of academic content in subjects ranging from Science and Humanities to Law, Design, Computers, Literature and more to high school students and researchers. The association with Impelsys, facilitated through its exclusive resellers in the Latin American region, Hipertexto – Netizen, will see e-Libro acquire an offline fulfillment solution for content in different formats such as PDF, EPUB2, and EPUB3 with encrypted Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection to be delivered through bookshelf and Reader apps for iOS and Android.

Impelsys with experience spanning over a decade in building powerful digital strategies and mobility solutions for leading publishers will support e-Libro’s efforts to provide its user anywhere, anytime, any device accessibility. The highly scalable solution will help e-Libro to disseminate over 1TB of DRM protected content through iPublishCentral servers to deliver on multiple devices.

With this new solution, e-libro can now get extensive insights through comprehensive reports and analytics, enabling them to decipher consumer behavior, title performances, reading and learning patterns, etc. The personalization features supported by the app includes annotations, highlights and bookmarking and these user-generated personalized content will be stored in the cloud and synced in real-time across devices through unique user profiles.

“e-Libro has been serving the academic community since the early days of the web. For close to two decades we have been helping students, professionals, and researchers by disseminating learning content covering an extensive range of titles.”, conveys Felipe Varela, CEO–VP, e-Libro. “We want our users to enjoy the superlative services enabled by innovation, and we believe Impelsys’ app development practice can ensure that we achieve this goal.”

Speaking on the occasion, Sameer Shariff, Founder and CEO, Impelsys Inc. mentioned “This is the initiation of another important strategic partnership for us in the Spanish speaking regions across the world and we thank both e-Libro and our partner in Latin America, Hipertexto-Netizen, for making this possible. We are excited about the partnership and we hope our solutions can drive further growth and market dominance for e-Libro.”  

About Impelsys

Impelsys is a leading provider of technology solutions and services for education providers, publishers and enterprises – managing content and learning delivery on their flagship platform – iPublishCentral Suite, the World’s Most Comprehensive Read-to-Learn Solution.

Impelsys also provides courseware development and content engineering services across digital product development lifecycle, helping clients build new digital products ranging from ebooks to simulations to online courseware.

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About e-Libro

e-Libro is a digital library platform for academic content in Spanish. Founded in 1998, it was the first to publish in Spanish language. The portal offers more than 110294 books, specialized publications and other texts of prestigious publishers, digitizing 1,000 new books every month. The company offers several subscription or purchase options to public libraries, universities, companies and other academic institutions, and provides its support to individual authors and companies with services such as editing, electronic publishing and printing on demand.

About Hipertexto – Netizen

With offices in Mexico and Colombia, Hipertexto – Netizen is a company with partners and clients in 12 countries, the majority of them in Latin America and Spain. In 15 years, Hipertexto has achieved the development and deployment of strategic solutions, media, platforms and technologies focused on the publishing industry to generate, transform, distribute and deliver content.

Digital content and learning solutions platforms, multiplatform publishing projects, web development, content conversion, publishing best practices, e-distribution, consulting and publishing management, planning, strategize and training are some of the solutions that this company offers to the market.

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