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Innovation in Progress

The latest version of iPublishCentral, iPublishCentral 3.0 went live a few weeks ago. The team has worked hard towards making our platform the most robust in the industry and we are excited to finally announce its completion. Publishers registered on iPublishCentral can now enjoy a host of new features and modules such as the ‘Mobile Apps module’, the ‘Distribute feature’ as well as the ‘Print Book eCommerce feature’. All these features have been built keeping in mind the evolving needs of publishers and to help them stay one step ahead of the industry.

Another important achievement for us was the launch of the Sesame Street iPad App that went live on March 28th, 2011. Having already launched the online Bookstore in May 2010, the iPad app was well received by customers and in less that a week we have already seen over 1000 downloads. The phenomenal success of the app can be attributed to the way it complements the Sesame Street online eBookstore. The app is already in the top 10 free downloads and on the top 10 grossing amongst book apps. The Sesame Street iPad app has been a true learning experience for us. The difference in market acceptance between selling on the web or through a tablet device is as contrasting as night and day. We often wonder if tablets are indeed the tipping point of our industry and our experience with Sesame Street clearly indicates that it is.

As we move forward in 2011, we know that the key for us to stay ahead lies in innovation. To innovate we need direction and information. Luckily for us, we are in a position to study and understand both the consumer as well as the publisher. This helps us revisit our road map constantly and build or rebuild features intoiPublishCentral.

We believe that we are the leaders in our domain and we consistently strive to remain the most powerful books-on-the-cloud solution.

This is just the beginning; in the months and years to come you are going to see much more excitement and additions to iPublishCentral both from a publisher perspective in delivering their content as well as from a consumer perspective in terms of user experience of consuming the content digitally.