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Enterprise Solutions

Be it custom digital content and courseware development, operational efficiency solutions, corporate learning and development solutions, cloud-based content distribution and delivery infrastructure; our decade long experience in content space makes us a reliable partner to tackle your unique business problems.

At Impelsys, our enterprise practice brings to you the best-in-class platform solutions and innovative digital technologies backed by a multitude of bespoke engagement models that will help your business drive productivity and efficiency.


Content Engineering Services

Our content engineers can help you create value across the product life-cycle, both through cutting-edge automated solutions and complex transformation services. Drastically shorten your digital product development cycle and create enriched digital content and courseware using our development and enrichment services.


Technology Services

While our platforms and SaaS solutions provide rapid development of content delivery portals, we believe unique content and unique business challenges demand tailor-made solutions. Our technology services offering include software development and sustenance for your bespoke technology requirements, application integration and infrastructure management.


Learning Services

Our learning technology solutions and service are designed to make learning an engaging and fulfilling experience that ensures improved retention and learning outcomes. Online learning solutions, blended learning programs, m-learning, adaptive recommendation engine, simulations and courseware development – whatever your requirements are, our adept technologists are here to help.


Mobile Services

Having a mobile platform to support the business is indispensable for today’s corporations, and ever so more for content publishers and learning providers. Embrace Impelsys’ mobile service offerings to unleash the ubiquitous power of mobility. While the portals that we now build come standard with mobile-responsive design, we recommend offering mobile apps to your users for a better experience and increased usability.


Courseware Development

Courseware development has come a long way from simple PDF downloads and static quizzes to today’s adaptive learning geared towards measurable learning outcomes. We have helped education providers transform their traditional courseware development practices to an agile, SME-driven practice. We supplement it with richer and interactive content, instructional design and built-in adaptive engine that dynamically chart a learning path specific to learner’s skill levels.