Working with Impelsys is not merely a job. It's an expedition. There's so much to discover here – new products, new challenges and even your own potential. Everyday in the office is a fresh new day. You seek for a challenging and enjoyable work environment and we provide you the space to realize your potential and fulfill your aspirations.

Impelsys is aiming to fulfill its dream to be the leader in enabling the global publishing community to deliver and market electronic content. Our strategic intent is to unleash the power of the Internet to deliver the best solutions to our customers. And the people working behind this dream are the Impellers - a high-performance team of individuals who collectively make Impelsys. Our people work hard, innovate, and celebrate all successes.

a) Culture:

The work culture in Impelsys nurtures initiative and creativity, bringing the best out of every Impeller. Impelsys is all about empowering people and taking and provide opportunities for them to explore. It's about offering greater challenges, more development and better guidance. We want to invest in our people and their careers. We know that when Impellers realize their full potential we can achieve our broader business goals.

b) Flexibility:

Do you have a passion for flexible work time?

We definitely have an edge for it.

We are creating workplaces that support flexible work styles. We are committed to supporting you in being the best you can be. That means you being able to create, innovate and collaborate when and how you are most effective.

c) Your Career, Your Reward:

At Impelsys, we believe in encouraging and empowering you to take responsibility for driving your own career. Guided by your manager, you'll get the necessary information to make decisions that fit with you, your values and your career choices.

Working with us is all about learning, growing and taking advantage of opportunities. Here, you can develop skills in your current role to position you well for future roles.

            i. Compensation

Your total compensation will include a competitive salary and other benefits. Our compensation is competitive within the external marketplace, as well as internal to the team.

            ii. Benefits

Impelsys provides benefits to full-time permanent employees in all locations. The benefits packages are customized and are competitive within each region.

            iii. Career Development

We have a quarterly performance review process that fosters two way communication and ensures that you know exactly what your manager expect you to achieve and on what scale do you achieve it and how. However the appraisals are done on an annual basis after summing up all the ratings from the quarterly reviews done over the year.


  • Impelsys is all about YOU
  • Every day is a new day in IMPELSYS
  • We have a passion for GROWTH
  • We have the courage to INNOVATE
  • We believe in spirited TEAMWORK