• Largest medical specialty organization drives Readership and Revenues through online products

    A leading university press achieved increased readership and revenues through viral marketing tools and enhanced content delivery offered by iPublishCentral, a self-service portal solution from Impelsys.

  • Leading publisher gained rave reviews for delivering a search driven user experience

    In keeping up with market trends and competitor strategies, an award winning publisher of reference books, text books, general interest books and journals tied up with Impelsys to capture targeted customers through the delivery of an extensive array of options that made online reference of content easier for users, providing easy reference access to increase brand attributes.

  • Leading publisher of illustrated encyclopedias improves traffic by expanding Distribution Network

    Impelsys helped a leading North American publisher of illustrated encyclopedias, monetize their entire backlist and expand distribution networks, without the overheads of traditional online publishing processes. The portal grabbed rave reviews in the press and was designated by the Booklist magazine as one of its Twenty Best Bets for Student Researchers.

  • Responding to growing customer requirements: The drive towards an enhanced experience

    An international scientific and medical publisher partnered with Impelsys to increase its store traffic. The flagship product of Impelsys, iPublishCentral helped the client to evolve along with the reader and offered content accessibility anytime, anywhere.

  • Creating an environment for mobility. Making content searchable anytime, anywhere

    A leading publisher in the field of pediatrics turned to Impelsys to increase the number of end users and unique search markets, by making content accessible at all times and in any required format.

  • Soaring above the competition: Providing superior value through Digital Products

    A renowned University Press in US optimizes its range of products with Impelsys by offering an advanced experience to readers providing a choice of format and experience.

  • Making learning an interactive and collaborative experience

    Changing the way knowledge is transferred to young pupils, a leading supplemental publisher in the K-8 segment drives the digital revolution in education. Impelsys tied up with the client to provide a comprehensive and interactive education system for schools and colleges.

  • Italy’s biggest book and magazine publisher extends its reach out to customers through mobile platforms

    Europe’s top publishing company extends market reach by means of the latest mobile platforms with advanced digital reproduction capabilities and audience engaging features.

  • Impelsys helps leading bank secure old data digitally and unlock their revenue potential

    The client wanted to use an online platform to reach its target customers. They tied up with Impelsys to create an online platform to provide easy accessibility and availability of its 33 years of content to the end users.

  • Leading global information provider drives the crowd through accessibility, agility and mobility of content

    A leading global provider of information resources for the scientific and medical communities wanted to drive quality traffic to its online platform, Scriver's Online Metabolic & Molecular Bases of Inherited Disease (OMMBID). After partnering with Impelsys, OMMBID drove strong results, as well as fetched brand awareness in this growing field. 

  • Leading publisher of Health and Information offers instant access to content through companion websites for print

    A leading publisher of Health and Information tied up with Impelsys to provide an enhanced experience to the users. iPublishCentral served as a single platform for hosting of all books in the series and enabled access to the online version of the purchased volumes, downloadable images, links to PubMed, and videos.

  • iPublishCentral empowers FWs to create its first set of book clubs for seven different audiences

    F&W Media, a provider of media products and services for enthusiasts in various communities, partnered with iPublishCentral to launch eBooks portals in seven of its leading content areas, creating a family of unique online book clubs for access to eBooks.

  • Leading publisher uses ‘Social Media Marketing’ approach to increase traffic to its eBookstore

    A unique approach to ‘Social Media Marketing’ helped a leading publisher in the field of humanities to increase traffic to its eBookstore and drive sales.

  • Leading publisher achieved impressive results through ‘Holiday Promotion Campaign’

    Impelsys enabled a leading medical publisher to promote its ‘Holiday Promotion Campaign’, attract new customers, increase brand awareness and drive sales.

  • Leading STM publishers set online sales record

    Impelsys helped leading STM publishers meet business goals with efficiency and reliability through integrated paid Search Engine data, that scaled up their revenues and automated their critical management tasks.

  • Impelsys develops new title Acquisitions System for libraries to order eBooks directly from publishers

    Impelsys, a global leader in providing electronic content delivery solutions, develops title acquisitions system for libraries that enables library staff to order eBooks for their collections directly from participating publishers.

  • A leading Publisher introduces ‘Virtual Sampling’ to accelerate the delivery of products

    Impelsys helped a leading publisher in Pre-K to 12 segments to provide an alternative to traditional printed product samples.  Virtual Sampling offers faster deliverability of products, easier accessibility and overall provides an enhanced experience to educators and students.