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The New Wave of Transformation with AI and GPT Tools

Usher in the next wave of transformation with our comprehensive suite of products, services, and tools tailored for the publishing industry. From our new AI-powered knowledge platform Mon’k, AI and GPT tools to accessibility services and IT solutions, we empower the publishing industry to drive growth and success in the digital age.

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Step into the Knowledgeverse with Impelsys

Over the years, our capabilities and offerings have expanded to traverse the length and breadth of the knowledge universe.

With our established track record of working in the publishing industry, we have the necessary experience and niche expertise in delivering turnkey solutions that transform publishers into knowledge powerhouses.

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Our Three-dimensional Offerings

Introducing mon’k – The World’s Most Intelligent Knowledge Platform

  • AI-Powered Adaptive Learning: Address specific needs of individual learners with personalized learning journeys and provide real-time feedback to boost confidence and foster independent learning skill
  • Audio Video Reader: Enhance accessibility, inclusivity, and engagement with user-friendly playback controls and multilingual subtitle support
  • eBooks: Publish, host, and manage eBooks and associated learning content to simplify content management
  • Reader as a Service: Seamlessly deploy the reader solution and empower individuals to access content securely with integrated DRM protection
  • Journals: Streamline journal management and enhance user experience with online and offline access for increased reach and profitability

Data-driven Decision-making for Intelligent Publishing

  • Data Strategy: Tailor content to reader preferences and market trends to optimize engagement and relevance with publishing specific strategies
  • Data Engineering: Streamline content management and storage to improve operational efficiency and reduce data-handling costs
  • Data Modernization: Extract valuable insights from reader data to personalize content recommendations to enhance overall reader experiences
  • Analytics and Visualization: Present actionable insights into reader behavior, content performance, and market trends to make informed decisions

AI-Powered Tools for Advanced Content Creation

  • IQ Generator: Use AI to create context-specific and diverse sets of questions to significantly reduce instructor workload and enhance the quality of learning materials
  • Sum-it Up: Simplify and summarize sizeable chunks of publishing content into concise, meaningful, and easy-to-consume summaries with this cutting-edge AI-powered text summarizer
  • Document Creator: Generate new publishing documents by repurposing information from various sources within the publishing landscape
  • Smart Bot: Extract insights from research documents and literature to save time and stay up-to-date

Next-gen IT Solutions to Scale and Enhance Reach

  • Cloud Transformation: Streamline content management and reduce costs to boost scalability and ensure efficient handling of digital content
  • Application Development: Create user-friendly digital platforms to enhance reader engagement and revenue opportunities
  • Application Testing: Ensure digital publishing applications’ quality and functionality to safeguard user satisfaction
  • Digital Commerce: Facilitate easy access to digital content and extend the reach of publications to promote revenue growth
  • Product Engineering: Advance innovation and efficiency to deliver high-quality content and foster a competitive edge

Content, Digital & Accessibility Services for an Elevated User Experience

  • Pre-Press Services: Design, typeset and proofread your content and make high quality files ready for print in a cost effective way
  • Digital Books: Create interactive, accessible, and globally compatible digital books and content in ePUB format to expand the reach and enhance the reading experience for a diverse audience
  • Creative Services: Create Cover Designs and Page layout designs leveraging our creative team. Create ancillaries such as animations, infographics, illustrations, student guides, instructor manuals, presentation decks, etc.
  • Accessibility: Ensure content is accessible and compliant to WCAG 2.0/2.1 standards
  • Alt Text: Save valuable time for authors and editors by sourcing alt text for images written by our expert authors
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with standards such as JATS for journals, BITs for books, DAISY for DT validation, Benetech and Sigil standards for accessibility, etc.

Meet the team

We help clients solve business problems by fusing creativity, innovation, strategy, and craft.

Sameer Shariff

Sameer Shariff

Founder and CEO

Uday Majithia

Uday Majithia

Vice President, Solutions & Service Delivery

Puneet Agrawal

Puneet Agrawal

Vice President, Europe Sales

Douglas Green

Douglas Green

Enterprise Sales Director, Europe

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