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Impelsys Quality Policy Statement

Impelsys is committed to providing industry-leading platforms and services to the
global publishing and educational clients. Our platforms and services enable our
clients to develop, market and deliver e-content and e-learning to their B2B and B2C
consumers who rely on this content to further their knowledge, learn new job
functions and acquire life-saving skills.

We at Impelsys recognize that organizational quality is a result of will, commitment, effort, and wholehearted participation from one and all in the organization. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is exemplified by prioritizing the establishment of a customer-centric and quality-focused culture at Impelsys. We are committed to enhancing customer satisfaction by consistently delivering high-quality products and services, staying compliant with legal and regulatory requirements, and driving continual improvement thereby contributing to long-term success, attaining sustainability, and achieving overall performance efficiency.

By implementing CMMI and ISO standard practices, our organization has put in place effective processes, trained staff to deliver high-quality products or services on time, achieve quality objectives, and comply with legal and regulations.

We shall achieve this by ensuring:

  • Our company’s vision, mission, and values are thoughtfully crafted to align with the company’s purpose and strategic direction. Our goal is to contribute to making the world a better place by leveraging technology to facilitate the spread of knowledge.
  • We align with CMMi, ISO, and various industry best practices and an established integrated quality management system that includes quality, security, privacy, environmental, and safety processes to support all operations and delivery teams and cover every business unit engaging with our clients and all stakeholders in our business. The information is communicated to all interested parties.
  • Our processes and operations are committed to customer focus, leadership dedication and guidance, staff engagement through accountability, disciplined execution through effective processes, enterprise-level risk monitoring, and fostering strong relationships with our customers, partners, employees, and investors.
  • We consistently strive for enhancements in our processes, platforms, and business offerings. We ensure the quality of our services through transparent and measurable means involving all interested parties, with a particular focus on customer feedback obtained through surveys and meetings. This iterative approach aims to improve and enhance the effectiveness of our quality processes and systems.
  • Our processes and systems are structured to ensure ongoing compliance with pertinent organizational legislation, regulations, statutory obligations, management systems, and customer requirements throughout the delivery of our products and services.
  • To attain high quality and customer satisfaction through established performance objectives that drive employees to focus on both current and future customer needs. This approach motivates everyone to meet customer requirements and aim to surpass expectations. It is also facilitated through a rewards and recognition program to acknowledge outstanding contributions.
  • We consistently monitor the organization’s performance through established SMART objectives, targets, and key performance indicators. Simultaneously, we closely scrutinize our project management and delivery practices to uphold our commitments to time, cost, and quality, aiming for the consistent and timely delivery of projects.
  • Our talent hiring and development initiatives guarantee the acquisition of suitable talent for any role. Furthermore, we invest in training programs to enhance employees’ skills in alignment with the demands of their roles.

We are an important link in our client’s ecosystem in spreading knowledge. We take our role in this knowledge ecosystem seriously and back our excellent technology strength with the stringent quality measures that the invaluable content of our clients deserves.

We will do this through

  • Continuous innovation by upgrading our solutions to help our clients stay ahead of the technology curve and the competition.

    • Platforms: Our platforms exceed client expectations and help them achieve their evolving business strategies for their digital content and learning delivery.
    • Technology services: Our technology services help clients improve operational efficiencies and develop tailored solutions to stand out from the competition.
    • Content and media services: Our content and media services help our clients develop and bring to market new digital products.
    • Content protection: Our content protection measures keep our clients’ content protected right from the time it’s handed to us till it reaches the consumers’ devices.
  • Quality and customer satisfaction by prioritizing a customer-centric and high-quality culture.

    • To achieve high quality and customer satisfaction, performance objectives are set to be achieved, and employees are motivated to focus on customer delight and are awarded under the Rewards & Recognition program.
    • Our main business objective is to enhance customer satisfaction by consistently delivering high-quality products and services, legal and regulatory compliance, and driving continuous improvement, thereby contributing to long-term success, attaining sustainability, and achieving overall performance efficiency.
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of our processes, security policies, quality of the deliverables, and talent acquisition, and adherence to the best project management practices.

    • Processes: Our processes are refined to bring efficiency and synergies across operational units.
    • Project management: On time, every time. Our project management and delivery practices are monitored to meet our delivery commitment with respect to time, cost, and quality.
    • Security for IP & PII: Our security measures ensure the protection of our clients’ Intellectual Property (IP) rights and their consumers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
    • Talent: Our hiring process ensures that we have the right talent for any given job and that we train employees to upgrade their skills as the job demands.
  • Establishing high-maturity processes.

    • Holistic approach: We adhere to CMMi, ISO, and other industry best practices. We developed and established a quality management system with all quality policy and processes not just for operations and delivery teams but also for each of the other business units that interact with our clients and all other parties interested in our business.
    • Continuous improvements: We will continuously seek improvements in our processes, our platform offerings, and quality of the services we provide through transparent and measurable quality processes.
    • Ethics: This will allow us to maintain the highest standards of business ethics while working with customers, partners, associates, and vendors alike.