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Forging a New Era in Healthcare with Data and AI-Enabled Solutions

In the realm where AI and data have become the cornerstones of innovation, Impelsys provides not just a solution but a comprehensive P.A.T.H that navigates the intricate terrain of digital transformation.

Our extensive offerings guide enterprises to unlock data’s full potential, reshape healthcare with AI-powered tools, and enhance workforce productivity through innovative learning solutions. With technology and innovation at its core, this journey steers healthcare into an era of AI and data empowerment, reshaping the concept of patient well-being.

Our Three-dimensional Offerings

Data-driven Decision-making for Intelligent Healthcare Systems

  • Data Strategy: Develop a sophisticated data strategy to leverage large amounts of clinical and financial data for enhanced resource allocation
  • Data Engineering: Empower healthcare organizations to employ robust data engineering services, enabling efficient data collection, storage, and processing for optimal operations
  • Data Modernization: Extract better insights from patient data and make data-driven decisions to improve patient outcomes and deliver quality care
  • Analytics and Visualization: Present large amounts of complex information in a simple, visual format for healthcare professionals, patients, and policymakers to improve efficiency and reduce costs

Next-Gen IT Infra to Scale and Enhance Reach

  • Cloud transformation: Reduce costs and ensure robust data security, reliability, and scalability to navigate healthcare changes effectively
  • Application Development: Ideate, design, and develop applications for patient-centric care and optimized resource utilization
  • Application Testing: Ensure robust device performance through accessibility testing in remote patient healthcare and hospital management for reliable app functionality

AI-Powered Tools for Improved Healthcare Outcomes

  • Smart Bot for Reference & Research: Extract insights from research documents and literature to save time and stay up-to-date
  • Document Search Tool: Locate journals and guidelines with semantic tagging and advanced search capabilities for precise information retrieval
  • Document Creator: Create new documents by repurposing information from diverse sources within your healthcare ecosystem
  • AI-Powered Knowledge Platform: Enterprise-grade content management system with AI-/ML-driven modules for delivering knowledge efficiently

Learning Solutions for Workforce Productivity

  • Continuous Healthcare Education: Tailormade and self-paced training programs for continuous upskilling of healthcare professionals
  • Patient Education: Design a patient education strategy using emails, videos, and microlearning to foster informed decision-making
  • Product & Device Training: Enable sales, service technicians, and operators through custom-created product and device training programs to enhance performance
  • Adaptive Learning: Engage users, amplify retention, and foster skill development through personalized healthcare learning for improved patient care

Meet Our Team

We help clients solve business problems by fusing creativity, innovation, strategy, and craft.

Puneet Agrawal

Puneet Agrawal

Business Head Europe. MEA, & APAC

Douglas Green

Douglas Green

Enterprise Sales Director, Europe

Pavan Kumar

Pavan Kumar

Senior Director Software Delivery

Vipul Singh

Vipul Singh

Associate Director - Business Development

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