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Digital Transformation for a
Clear Value Path

With the growing adoption of AI, and cloud, enterprises look for clarity on maximizing the benefits of transformation.

The answer is simple.

Digital transformation is not merely about adopting new IT solutions. It is a holistic approach where technology, people, and processes unite to rewrite business success. When that happens, the benefits of digital transformation are all too visible.

Impelsys can help healthcare knowledge providers with


  • Consulting & Advisory for reimagining the healthcare business
  • Healthcare product engineering solutions
  • HIPAA-compliant modernization for digital healthcare
  • Cloud transformation for cost, scale, and light infrastructure benefits
  • Software testing for 360-degree assurance
  • AI-driven decision support tools for better patient services
  • Unified healthcare eCommerce portals for increased reach and monetization
  • Data and Analytics to make informed decisions


  • Learning solutions to upskill, cross-skill, and train healthcare professionals
  • Content modernization and digitization for better user experience
  • Personalized and adaptive learning for healthcare professionals with busy schedules
  • Item writing support for assessments and certifications
  • AR and VR in medical training to simulate real-life scenarios
  • Accessibility solutions for inclusivity and reach


  • Process automation related to billing, medical administration, and hospital admissions
  • Routine tasks automation to reduce operational time
  • Data management for privacy and regulatory compliance
  • Standardization of non-standardized medical records
  • Conversion of physical records and journals into digital formats
  • Desk research for healthcare data analytics

About Impelsys

Impelsys is a leading global provider of digital transformation solutions, cloud, testing, data analytics and modernization, learning solutions, application development, product engineering, and maintenance solutions to healthcare organizations.

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We have worked closely and successfully with corporates, international non-governmental agencies, and not-for-profits.
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