Test Automation Services with
Continuous Integration

We offer a range of test automation services that help businesses optimize their software applications for maximum performance and scalability.

Our test automation services experts use cutting-edge tools and techniques to simulate various load conditions and identify performance bottlenecks. We conduct tests such as load testing, stress testing, and capacity testing to ensure that your software application performs optimally under different usage scenarios.

Configure test automation online

Configure test automation online

  • Unit tests and functional test
  • Executed for every code check in
  • Preferred under 10 minutes execution time
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  • Primarily validating service contracts for microservices
  • Triggered by successful validation test
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  • Validates each service with actual dependencies
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  • Triggered by successful contract test
  • Automated black box testing with all the services running
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  • Triggered by powerful system test
  • Automated UI Testing suite
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Why Impelsys?

  • Globally accepted standards.

    Impelsys adopts international testing standards to offer the most relevant solutions that ensure business continuity and efficiency.

  • Varied testing capabilities.

    With functional testing, web & desktop application testing, automation, accessibility testing, and others, Impelsys’ testing capabilities and offerings span the entire spectrum.

  • Fit-for-use app/software products.

    Usage of assets, templates, IP (intellectual property) and next-gen accelerators to enhance testing services.

  • Discretionary quality engineering tools.

    From Browserstack- compatibility testing tools to web service/API testing, performance, automation, and more, Impelsys adopts the best that technology offers.

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