Digital Performance Assurance for a Premier Learning Platform

Digital Performance Assurance for a Premier Learning Platform

  • Industry:
    Healthcare, Software Testing Services
  • Offerings:
    Technology Services

Business Case

This premier provider of innovative information solutions offering a wide range of learning modules for healthcare introduced SAML authentication and enabled SSO (single -sign-on) to ensure a seamless experience across its platform. However, the challenge with this configuration was that the client’s existing customers had already been allotted membership IDs, and during the SAML integration, these customers faced log-in challenges as SAML did not authenticate these existing membership IDs.

The Solution

Using the relevant API validation toolkit (POSTMAN), Impelsys’ software testing engineers verified whether the existing membership numbers were being received uniformly and then adopted API validation to ensure that all learners were assigned membership IDs for successful SAML sign-in.


Impelsys’ API testing ensured that all the old customers could successfully sign into the portal after the SAML authentication. All customers benefited from the SSO, ensuring a seamless customer experience across the platform. Finally, the SSO ensured complete security of the platform from cyber attacks.

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