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Operational Efficiency with
AI in Healthcare


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Artificial Intelligence is steadily revolutionizing modern healthcare by offering innovation and improving efficiency. From clinical trials to patient education, and resource management, the scope that AI offers to transform healthcare is immense.

Recent trends indicate that AI adoption among healthcare providers in the US is steadily increasing with several of them actively using AI. A significant number of healthcare providers are also keen to integrate AI but face challenges in finding a suitable technology partner for the same.

During this webinar, the speakers will explore the importance of AI in healthcare, its role as an accelerator for better patient-care, and the transformative solutions it offers to healthcare organizations.

Talking Points

AI's Role in Healthcare
  • Role of AI in Driving Innovation and Efficiency in Healthcare
  • Demos and Real-World Use Cases
  • Simplifying AI Adoption
  • Responsible AI Adoption

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About the Speakers

Uday Majithia

Uday Majithia

Vice President

Platforms & Solutions, Impelsys
Uday is a seasoned AI and technology expert, leads the division’s business strategy and growth. He provides overall direction to our product innovation and development functions, oversees testing and implementation, and is responsible for product delivery. He has 26 years of software development across multiple domains.
Neeraj Ray - Deeptuned

Neeraj Ray

CEO and Co-Founder

Neeraj is a renowned industry expert in artificial intelligence (AI) with a rich background in transforming technology platforms for businesses across domains. He brings a unique blend of deep technical knowledge and exceptional leadership skills to the forefront. Neeraj’s visionary approach and mastery in AI make him a trusted authority in leveraging AI for business growth and transformation.

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