Personalized Learning Through a Modular Adaptive Framework

Personalized Learning Through a Modular Adaptive Framework

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    Adaptive Learning
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    LMS and Courseware

Business Case

A 40-hour-long classroom training program had to be converted to digital format for ease of access and reach. Learners were a mix of new and experienced practitioners.

Having to go through all the content was repetitive for experienced practitioners based on what they already knew. The organization wanted to ensure that all the learners take only modules and the topics which were new to them, based on their knowledge level.

The Solution

Impelsys proposed a modular adaptive framework that would provide a flexible learning framework based on specific learning outcomes. This allowed us to break the content into ‘bite-sized’ chunks, test the learner on their knowledge level and offer what is relevant for each learner thereby adapting the course to scaffold the learner’s existing knowledge and skills.

This solution was based on a pre-assessment that tested the learner’s existing knowledge of the topics and accordingly adapted the learning journey.

Outcome of Modular Adaptive Framework

Each learner had their own personalized learning experience, depending on their performance in the pre-assessment. This also meant that the learner could have a shorter version of the original program, covering only those topics which required attention.

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