Impact of Personalized Learning on Employees and Organisations


Personalized learning is a technique of learning in which the training and coursework are tailored to each individual person’s learning preferences and needs. Individuals set their own training goals and even decide the pace of their learning as well. Now, to put this technique in the context of an organization – employees’ may have to function within the bigger framework of the organization but they are free to choose their own path of learning that will help them achieve that organization’s training objectives. Personalized learning has been found to have a very positive impact on employee performance. It has the benefits of putting employees in charge of their own learning path boosts their morale and motivates them to do better.

Some of the specifics in personalized learning that bolster employee behavior and organization performance are elucidated below:


A key part of personalized training is mentorship, where an experienced employee is assigned to a new employee to help and guide them in their work. This one-on-one mode of training helps foster a sound relationship between the new employee and the organization as they have a reliable member that they can turn to, for any doubts and concerns. Mentors oversee their mentees training and development and help them navigate the corporate structure as well as their roles in their individual departments. Organizations must personally take a decision on how involved a mentor should be with their mentees learning and training.


Organizations that have adopted personalized learning techniques have reported an increase in employee morale as it was found that learning has a direct impact on individual performance. Employees can personally see the progress they are making and are able to clearly understand how their work contributes towards achieving business objectives for the organization. Motivated employees ultimately contribute towards a more efficient organization.


Personalized learning discards the idea that one-size-fits-all and makes use of multiple approaches to create a unique learning experience for employees. This establishes an environment of continuous learning and development for employees. Mobile learning and micro-learning can be harnessed as personalized learning techniques that have a very functional purpose. The benefits of these approaches are that they make learning a continuous effort as training content is accessible anywhere, anytime and can be ingested in micro doses. This keeps the employees aware and on their toes at all times.


One of the most main features of personalized learning is that employees get constant constructive feedback specific to their pain points. This allows them to obtain a sound understanding of where and how they are going wrong and how they can work on these pain points. Understanding their strengths and weaknesses will help them fully take advantage of this method of ‘pulling training information’ instead of having it pushed on them without having knowledge about their performance.

Personalized learning creates a training atmosphere wherein the hands-on approach helps them apply knowledge gained, to real-world situations seamlessly. Each employee working meticulously on their specific pain-points will ultimately lead to an extremely productive and profitable organization. The ownership and empowerment that employees experience about their training journey, through personalized learning, leads to them feeling more interested and engaged at their jobs. Ultimately, personalized learning at the workplace contributes towards a better informed, uniquely trained, satisfied, motivated and proactive workforce.