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Driving Engagement and Revenue with AI and GPT Enabled Solutions

Usher in the next wave of transformation with our comprehensive suite of products, services, and tools tailored for associations. From cutting-edge GPT tools and AI-powered platforms to learner-centric solutions and IT offerings, we empower associations to drive growth and success in the digital age.

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Step into the #KnowledgeVerse with Impelsys

Over the years, our capabilities and offerings have expanded to traverse the length and breadth of the knowledge universe.

With our established track record of working with associations, we have the necessary experience and niche expertise in delivering turnkey solutions that transform associations into knowledge powerhouses.


Our Three-dimensional Offerings

Modernize Member Experience

  • Micro Learning – Empower your members and engage learners with “bite-sized” courseware and content for continuous education and skill development.
  • Courseware Modernization – Modernize and update courseware and educational resources with interactivity, multimedia, and device-specific delivery for enhanced learning outcomes.
  • Sum It Up – Simplify and summarize sizeable chunks of information into concise, meaningful, and easy-to-consume summaries with this cutting-edge AI-powered tool.
  • IQ Generator – Stimulate user engagement and interest through this GPT-based tool to automate interactivity with quizzes, questions, and brain teasers.
  • Data analytics – Unlock actionable insights from large volumes of data and drive informed decision-making.
  • Cloud Transformation – Streamline operations, save costs, and ensure data security to help your association navigate through change and adapt and thrive in the digital age.

Maximize Reach and Engagement

  • AI Based Adaptive Learning System – Engage users, enhance retention, and improve skill development with our AI-powered platform that adapts knowledge delivery to the user journey to personalize learning with tailored content, courseware, and assessments.
  • Accessibility – Promote inclusivity and reach a wider audience with our 360-degree accessibility offerings that range from content and course design to niche products and tech-first solutions.
  • Training Needs Analysis – Identify knowledge gaps and map skill requirements to specific learners with our comprehensive learning and development assessments.
  • Device Agnostic Solutions – Deliver seamless learning experiences across various devices and platforms to drive reach and increase your user base.
  • ​Digital Marketing – Leverage our end-to-end digital marketing capabilities to promote your events, offerings, and resources to expand reach and drive engagement.

Monetize Knowledge and Maximize Revenue

  • AI Based Knowledge Platform – Monetize intellectual property and transform your knowledge and expertise into revenue-generating assets through strategic commercialization.
  • Blended Learning – Leverage our innovative tech-first solutions to widen your offerings with modern learning models and create value for non-members.
  • Knowledge Hub – Engage with underserved demographics through subscription-based content and platform services for domestic and international audiences.
  • eCommerce – Harness the power of the digital marketplace to drive revenue through an efficient and user-friendly online shopping experience for your knowledge and assets.

Case studies

Impelsys Enabled Adaptive Learning for Members of US Non-Profit Healthcare Organization

Impelsys Enabled Adaptive Learning for Members of US Non-Profit Healthcare Organization

Download now
Enhancing reach through digital journals for ASABE

Enhancing reach through digital journals for ASABE

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Personalized Learning Through a Modular Adaptive Framework

Personalized Learning Through a Modular Adaptive Framework

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Bharat Bhosale

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Swaroop Chandra BS

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Darshan Yogesh Parekh

Director – Learning & Content Services

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