As research constitutes the progress of science, impact assessment of research publications has been an area of interest for a long time. The communication of research and developments happens through scholarly publications like journal articles, books, monographs, conference proceedings etc. and their impact is continually assessed through models like impact factors which are based on the number of citations received by each publication. Citations have been chiefly used to measure the importance or influence of a journal or a publication for over half a century, with the progress in publishing technologies and growing share of consumption of information on digital formats, the ability of citations to assess the importance of a publication is being scrutinized.

The lifecycle of a published research constitutes of many events, like general consumption by readers, citations by other researchers, tweets on Twitter, shares on LinkedIn and Facebook, grants, clinical trials, patents, policy documents and translation to mass application of the outcome of the research. Citation based assessment takes into account the number of times a paper has been cited by other researchers on their work, which represents only a tiny subset of the lifecycle of the original research, and its impact on science and society as a whole.

Massive amount of research and increased competitiveness is driving the interest in broader evaluation of research impact, also enabled by greater availability of data. Justification of public funds flowing into research is a crucial factor driving this interest. How do we measure the real impact a scientific publication has on research itself, and the world beyond science? How can all the stakeholders like academics, institutions, publishers, librarians, funders and government agencies have a comprehensive insight on the impact of a particular research?

Comprehensive evaluation of interest beyond citation

Digital Science – a technology company serving the needs of scientific and research communities at key points along the full cycle of research – understands the need for this greater evaluation, their tools Altmetric and Dimensions attempt to continually improve research and its assessment. Taking impact assessment beyond citations and impact factors, Altmetric derives data from digital spaces where publications have been mentioned, such as news websites, social media, Wikipedia and patents, this gives a complete picture of the reach and impact of the publications.

Short for alternative metrics, Altmetric offers relevant information about research articles and publications and their impact on wherever the content is consumed, accessed, or referred. Research papers go through great amount of engagement on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, Altmetric derives information from these platforms on the quantity of tweets, shares and mentions, which gives an insight on the attention, usage and impact of the research output.

Evaluating research lifecycle and its impact

The information around research publications has traditionally been limited to index of scholarly articles and citations, Digital Science’s another tool Dimensions, offers an interesting sets of data that capture the entire lifecycle of research, and its societal impact. This database offers the most comprehensive collection of linked data in a single platform; from grants, publications, and clinical trials to patents and policy documents. Dimensions allows the stakeholders to follow research from funding through output to impact, the coverage of data reveals interesting results and linkages among different aspects of the research.

What if these advanced tools that help the evolution of scientific research and its impact were integrated into the publishing platform itself… The result would be a universe of scientific publishing where publishing, reviewing, distribution & delivery, analytics, interest assessment and a comprehensive data on the impact and lifecycle of research papers are all in one place. iPC Scholar, an advanced digital publishing platform is one such universe. With its ability to publish and deliver scholarly content in various formats like, journals, ebooks, videos, courses, the platform now gets widgets for Digital Science’s tools like Altmetric, Dimensions and Figshare. This makes it the world’s most complete platform for digital publishing and impact assessment of scholarly content.

As science progresses and communication technologies advance, to understand the impact of research and publications is far more complex than simply measuring citations. The metrics for comprehensive insight and measurement can be diverse and measurable but the motive and the impact calculated from these metrics are still not clear for everybody, eg, what exactly to derive from the number of shares on social media is unclear. However, the availability of this information gives a broader view of the research, stakeholders can take more informed decisions on future research and investments, it gives end users a new way to discover research and analyse its relevance to them. Technology is transforming the way research is evaluated, discovered, and accessed, and as the complexity increases advanced technologies like big data and artificial intelligence will need to intervene to help humans derive the true meaning of the data in hand.

Impelsys Inc., a market leader in digital publishing, education technology and healthcare solutions today announced the launch of an advanced version of its flagship content and learning delivery platform, iPC Scholar. The version 2.0 release of iPC Scholar, launched on the sidelines of Frankfurt Book Fair, features a modernized UI, support for learning workflows and some key upgrades to address unique business challenges encountered by new-age publishers and education companies. 

iPC Scholar is a cloud-hosted, content agnostic platform that allows publishers, enterprises and education providers to integrate and securely deliver all their digital content including eBooks, journals, courses, videos, audio files, documents in Microsoft Word® and Microsoft PowerPoint® formats and custom formats to end users, directly through their own branded portal. The platform allows publishers to offer uniform customer experiences while gaining actionable insights on consumer interaction across all digital products.    

With the 2.0 version release, iPC Scholar is now fully refactored to a microservices architecture offering its customers unprecedented scalability and flexibility along with other key feature enhancements

Modernized UI

An easy to navigate, clear, responsive and intuitive user interface drives the success of any application or platform. With 2.0 release, iPC Scholar now has a revamped UI across all content types designed to engage the audience with sophisticated user experience. 

Support for learning workflows

iPC Scholar 2.0 supports typical workflows related to learning like assigning content to learners, assessing comprehension of content based on quizzes and assessments, tracking progress of learners and providing detailed reports. Additionally, functionality to nudge learners to finish assignments, and provide motivation via leaderboards is available.

Professional associations and education providers will now have the ability to manage and offer continuing education credits and certification programs to learners. And at the user-end, the learners can now earn credits and certificates for courses they have completed.

JATS support on journal reader

On the journals side, iPC Scholar 2.0 has an intuitive user interface and well defined workflows to manage journal hierarchies. To add to this, the journal reader, both online and offline versions, now support the JATS format – an XML that is used for online scientific publishing.

Integration with smart tools such as Altmetrics, Dimensions and Figshare

Impelsys has partnered with Digital Sciencea technology company serving the needs of scientific and research communities along the full cycle of research – to bring to its publishers a set of smart tools such as Altmetrics, Dimensions and Figshare. Now journal publishers can acquire deeper understanding on how users interact with their content and drive traffic with engaging content that can be easily discovered.

“It is our constant endeavor to innovate and investing in our powerful IP and to keep updating the features of our products to address the evolving needs of the global publishing and education ecosystem”, said Sameer Shariff, Founder and CEO of Impelsys Inc. “With our commitment to continuous innovation, the team is now involved in some path-breaking work at the Impelsys Innovations Lab with emerging technologies like AI, ML, NLP etc., which will soon be layered onto iPC Scholar.”    

About Impelsys

 Operating since 2001, Impelsys is a purpose-driven business committed to its vision of making the world a better place by helping spread knowledge through technology. Impelsys today is a leading provider of technology solutions and services for education providers, publishers and enterprises – managing content and learning delivery on their flagship platform – iPublishCentral Suite, the World’s Most Comprehensive Read-to-Learn Solution. Impelsys provides courseware development and content engineering services across digital product development lifecycle, helping clients build new digital products ranging from eBooks to simulations to online courseware.

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Impelsys Inc., a market pioneer in digital publishing, education technology and healthcare solutions has today announced a collaborative partnership with Digital Science, a leader in scholarly technology. The partnership will include the integration of Altmetric badges, Dimensions badges and the Figshare Viewer with the latest version of its flagship journal distribution platform, iPC Scholar 2.0.

A valuable addition to the measurement of research dissemination and influence, the Altmetric and Dimensions badges will be an embed option for publishers who host their journals on the iPC Scholar 2.0 platform. The badges will provide authors and visitors with an at-a-glance summary of online engagement and scholarly citations for individual articles. Users will be able to click on the badges to view further detail about the attention a publication has received – including where it has been referenced in the news, policy documents, patent records, and on social media.

The alliance will also see iPC Scholar 2.0 offer the Figshare Viewer to its customers, enabling journals to help researchers to preserve and share their research outputs, including figures, datasets, images and videos. Figshare is a cloud-based platform that makes it easy to upload supplementary data and helps researchers to get credit for all of their work, not just the resulting publication. 

Sameer Shariff, Founder and CEO at Impelsys, said: “The scholarly landscape is becoming increasingly open and connected. We are committed to ensuring that our publishers can benefit from this evolving ecosystem. We are delighted to partner with Digital Science, which allows us to extend their powerful technologies and services to publishers hosted on our iPC Scholar platform.”

Adrian Stanley, Managing Director, Publishers at Digital Science, commented: “We are really pleased that Impelsys now allows for the easy implementation of these market-leading Digital Science services. All of these tools support scholars in making their research more open and discoverable, whilst ensuring they are able to better track and showcase the influence of their work. We look forward to seeing these integrations benefit users in the global markets that Impelsys serves.”

Impelsys announced the release of version 2.0 of its flagship platform, iPC Scholar at the Frankfurt Book Fair earlier today. Some of the key showcased features include a modernized UI offering an intuitive and holistic user experience, support for learning workflows, JATS support on both online and offline journal readers and integration with smart tools from Digital Science among other features designed to address unique business challenges encountered by new-age publishers.

About Impelsys

Operating since 2001, Impelsys is a purpose-driven business committed to its vision of making the world a better place by helping spread knowledge through technology. Impelsys today is a leading provider of technology solutions and services for education providers, publishers and enterprises – managing content and learning delivery on their flagship platform – iPublishCentral Suite, the World’s Most Comprehensive Read-to-Learn Solution. Impelsys provides courseware development and content engineering services across digital product development lifecycle, helping clients build new digital products ranging from eBooks to simulations to online courseware.

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About Digital Science

Digital Science is a technology company working to make research more efficient. We invest in, nurture and support innovative businesses and technologies that make all parts of the research process more open and effective. Our portfolio includes brands including Altmetric, Anywhere Access, Dimensions, Figshare, ReadCube, Symplectic, IFI Claims, GRID, Overleaf, CC Technology, Gigantum, Ripeta and Writefull. We believe that together, we can help researchers make a difference. Visit and follow @digitalsci on Twitter.

About Dimensions

Dimensions is a modern, innovative, linked research knowledge system that re-imagines discovery and access to research. Developed by Digital Science in collaboration with over 100 leading research organizations around the world, Dimensions brings together grants, publications, citations, alternative metrics, clinical trials and patents to deliver a platform that enables users to find and access the most relevant information faster, analyze the academic and broader outcomes of research, and gather insights to inform future strategy. Visit Dimensions’ website at and find us on Twitter @DSDimensions.

About Figshare

Figshare is a repository where users can make all of their research outputs available in a citable, shareable and discoverable manner. Figshare’s aim is to become the place where all academics make their research openly available. It provides a secure cloud based storage space for research outputs and encourages its users to manage their research in a more organized manner, so that it can be easily made open to comply with funder mandates. Openly available research outputs will mean that academia can truly reproduce and build on top of the research of others. Visit

About Altmetric

Altmetric’s mission is to track and analyze the online activity around scholarly literature. We collate what people are saying about published research outputs in scholarly and non-scholarly forums like the mainstream media, policy documents, social networks, and blogs to provide a more robust picture of the influence and reach of scholarly work. Altmetric works with some of the biggest publishers, funders, and institutions around the world to deliver this data in an accessible and reliable format. Altmetric is supported by Digital Science. Find out more at and follow us on Twitter @altmetric.

Impelsys Inc., a market leader in digital publishing and education technology solutions across diverse industries including healthcare, engineering, and finance, announced its partnership with the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), an educational and scientific organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering applicable to agricultural, food, and biological systems. With this partnership, ASABE will migrate its technical library platform that hosts its internationally recognized scientific and research publications and standards to iPC Scholar, Impelsys’ flagship content and learning delivery platform. The new system is scheduled to debut in April 2020.

Established in 1907 and headquartered in St. Joseph, Michigan, ASABE has members in over 100 countries. ASABE’s goal is to advance the application of agricultural and biological sciences to develop efficient and environmentally sensitive methods of producing food, fiber, timber, and renewable energy sources for an ever-increasing world population. ASABE provides a forum for communication of research findings through conferences, scientific journals, and magazines.

iPC Scholar, a cloud-hosted, content-agnostic platform, will allow ASABE to provide a unified customer experience across different types and formats of publications including ebooks, journals, magazines, meeting papers, conference proceedings, textbooks, and teaching materials and monographs, all within a white-labeled ecosystem of web portals and mobile apps. ASABE can also derive extensive insights on consumer journeys across these asset classes through comprehensive reports and actionable analytics generated by the powerful analytics engine of iPC Scholar.

“We are delighted to partner with ASABE on this platform upgrade,” said Sameer Shariff, Founder and CEO of Impelsys. “While information is important for today’s consumers, the manner in which it is delivered and the overall experience are becoming ever more critical. We hope our technology will help ASABE serve humanity by advancing engineering applicable to food and agriculture.”

“ASABE strives to widely disseminate engineering and technological solutions toward creating a sustainable world with abundant food, water, and energy, and a healthy environment,” said Darrin Drollinger, Executive Director of ASABE. “Through this partnership with Impelsys, we will be able to advance those efforts significantly.”


ASABE is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering applicable to agricultural, food, and biological systems. ASABE membership is open to all, engineers as well as non-engineers, who are interested in engineering and technology for agricultural, food, and biological systems. For further information, contact ASABE headquarters at 269-429-0300, email, or visit

About Impelsys

Operating since 2001, Impelsys is a leading provider of technology solutions and services for education providers, publishers, and enterprises, including content management and learning delivery on its flagship platform iPublishCentral, the world’s most comprehensive read-to-learn solution. Impelsys provides courseware development and content engineering services across the digital product development lifecycle, helping clients build new digital products ranging from ebooks to simulations to online courseware. To learn more, email or visit or

Few weeks from now, the world’s biggest gathering  of the publishing and related industries will take place at Frankfurt, Germany. Frankfurt Book Fair, by statistics and impact is undoubtedly the world’s biggest book fair, it takes place in October usually and this year the dates are 16 to 20 October. Taking place on the Frankfurt Trade Fair grounds, Frankfurt Book Fair is the most significant marketing event in the print and digital content industry that facilitates great number of international sales of rights and licences.

Publishing professionals, writers, creative professionals and fans come from all over the world to network, hold discussions, negotiate, make decisions, and to be in awe of the grandeur of the fair and celebrate. Close to 7,500 exhibitors showcase their latest offerings at the fair, exhibitors mainly constitute of publishers, agents, booksellers, service providers, professional and trade associations, institutions, software and multimedia suppliers and they come from over 100 countries across the world. About 285,000 visitors visited Frankfurter Buchmesse in 2018.

Norway is 2019 the Guest of Honour of Frankfurter Buchmesse this year. Norwegians read more than any other European nationality, and the country has produced three winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature. The guest country will present its literature and culture at the fair in Frankfurt, as well as in many other locations throughout Germany. 

Frankfurter Buchmesse is the world’s most important trading place for printed and digital content, but it is also an incredible social and cultural experience that offers a wide range of exciting events. Some interesting and informative events at the messe this year are…

Cosplay – Gourmet Gallery – Frankfurt Audio – Frankfurt Kids – Frankfurt EDU – BOOKFEST

Click here to know more about the highlight events at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019

While these are some of the highlight events at the fair, there are some 2243 odd other events (as of now) listed in the website, now imagine the magnitude of the event and the impact it would have around the world. . Impelsys has two speaking sessions this time as well, below is the information about the sessions. The sessions are informative and free to attend, you could also visit our booth at J47, Hall 4.2 to know about Impelsys Innovations Lab and the release of iPC Scholar version 2.0.

Impelsys Innovations Lab is a recently launched initiative where we will be working on various emerging and disruptive technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), IT Infrastructure, and Cloud Computing Services. Also at FBF 2019, iPC Scholar, Impelsys’ flagship content delivery platform for eBooks, journals, videos and courses, will be released with feature updates, it will have advanced support for content and learning delivery.

Speaking Sessions at FBF 2019 from Impelsys’ Leadership Team

New frontiers in Publishing and Education – Winning in the digital era Effective Knowledge Management and Digital Transformation strategies with iPC Scholar
Day 1: 16th October 2019 

11:00 – 11:30 am

Venue: Education Stage, Hall 4.2, C94

Speaker: Kotesh Govindaraju – EVP and Head of Americas – Impelsys Inc.

Day 1: 16th October 2019 

03:30 – 4:00 pm

Venue: Academic and Business Information Stage, Hall 4.2, N101

Speaker: Stefan Kend – EVP and Head of EMEA & APAC – Impelsys Inc.

Frankfurter Buchmesse is the most important international event for the publishing industry, as well as a key trendsetter for society and a major cultural festival. The platform it provides for business opportunities, networking, education and entertainment for industry professionals and culture fans is exhaustive and unrivalled. Nowhere else would we meet more number of professionals from the media and publishing industry than at Frankfurt Book Fair. Professionals use this opportunity to expand their network and open up new business opportunities, to market their products or hunt for the right suppliers. It’s the biggest gathering of the publishing world, a global melting pot of everything that happens in the industry, a place to be for publishing professionals and literature fans from around the world.

fbf17_logo                                                   iPublishCentral Scholar

Impelsys, a leading provider of technology solutions and services for education providers, publishers and enterprises had a remarkable presence at the 2017 edition of Frankfurt Book Fair – the paramount event of the publishing world which concluded its 69th edition on 15th October 2017. Impelsys’ one of the most important product announcements in recent years – iPC Scholar drew great interest among visitors.

Frankfurt Book Fair once again claimed its position as the most significant event of the publishing industry, surpassing all previous figures and witnessing a host of political and industry figures with international clout. The fair this year, which saw 4000 events in total and 286,425 unique visitors (3 percent increase over the previous edition), established itself as an event not only significant for the industry, but also as a barometer of global socio-economic developments. The opening of the fair by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron and being attended by several important politicians signifies the political importance of the event.

A result of continuous improvement in impelsys’ flagship publishing infrastructure, iPublishCentral Suite, iPC Scholar is a comprehensive solution to manage and deliver all scholarly content in a single platform. It supports ebooks, journals, videos, courses, MOCs and document formats and has vanguard features that make scholarly content management efficient and effortless. iPC Health, a new platform for digital delivery of healthcare learning resources from Impelsys also drew positive response, it was evident on the various meetings between Sameer Shariff, Founder and CEO of Impelsys, and publishers

The feedback on iPC Scholar was described as ‘positive and great’ by Sameer Shariff, in his words, “We work hard on every product and service that we roll out, it’s a result of years of innovation which brings out products like iPC Scholar, this platform is a comprehensive all-in-one tool for publishers of scientific resources. The kind of response and feedback shown by visitors and experts alike was more than what we had anticipated, it reinforced our belief in ourselves and inspired us in furthering the excellence we bring out”. He further added, “The event also provided us with a platform to interact with our existing customers and further strengthen our relationships.”

Impelsys congratulates and thanks the fair organizer on successfully concluding such a humongous event. Through the years the event has helped Impelsys in delivering its message to the industry and showcasing its technologies. Impelsys thanks all the visitors who showed interest in its technologies and to partners who believe in it. Impelsys’ next big stop will be the London Book Fair 2018.

About Frankfurt Book Fair

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the international publishing industry’s biggest trade fair – with over 7,150 exhibitors from 106 countries, around 278,000 visitors, over 4,000 events and approximately 10,000 accredited journalists of which 2,400 are bloggers – in attendance. It also gathers key players from other media, including the film and games industries. Since 1976, the Frankfurt Book Fair has featured an annual Guest of Honour country, which showcases its book market, literature and culture to attendees in a variety of ways. The Frankfurt Book Fair organizes the participation of German publishers at around 20 international book fairs and hosts trade events throughout the year in major international markets. With its Business Club, the Frankfurt Book Fair offers essential services and an ideal setting for the activities of publishers, entrepreneurs, pioneers, experts and visionaries. Founded in 2016, THE ARTS+ is a business festival for creatives, investors, publishers, museums, tech companies, that takes place at Frankfurt Book Fair. The Frankfurt Book Fair is a subsidiary of the German Publishers & Booksellers Association.

About Impelsys

Impelsys is a leading provider of technology solutions and services for education providers, publishers and enterprises – managing content and learning delivery on their flagship platform – iPublishCentral Suite, the World’s Most Comprehensive Read-to-Learn Solution. Impelsys provides courseware development and content engineering services across digital product development lifecycle, helping clients build new digital products ranging from ebooks to simulations to online courseware.

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