Now there’s an innovative way to publish, market, and deliver your ebooks! Know how?


The love for reading has reinvented itself with the advent of technology. Readers now prefer ebooks in their mobiles or smart devices rather than the age-old style of browsing through books in a library. Moreover, ebooks have the feasibility to be downloaded in any device, they don’t take up space, they are portable, & can be read anywhere. With this change, the publishing industry has evolved for the better.

However, content owners still face certain obstacles in the way of publishing, delivery, and marketing of their ebooks. In this blog, we have listed out some innovative ways to avoid these barriers.

Obstacles in the way of publishing

  • Ebooks fail to have multi-channel access:

    Print content from their books needs to have a multi-channel digital presence via access points such as eReaders, social media, web/mobile apps, and desktops for better visibility. iPC Scholar is a specialized ebook delivery platform that enables accessibility across all these channels. It’s an independent content curation platform that allows publishers to host their content from a centralized and cloud-based source without maintaining multiple portals.

  • Content piracy:

    Ever since the content has gone digital there has been growing concern among publishers regarding its safety against piracy. Information is easily available online and the chances of getting it stolen have increased. Digital Rights Management aka DRM is a technology that aims in protecting the copyright of the content so that it doesn’t get stolen. iPC Scholar has built-in DRM features making it an ebook publishing-friendly without the problem of content stealing.

  • Absence of proper means of marketing:

    Marketing an ebook isn’t an easy task especially if the publishers are unaware of consumer behavior. To create a feasible and engaging marketing strategy they need to get these insights handy. iPC Scholar offers exhaustive usage analytics such as ViewInside & social widgets which can steer away from the publishers from facing marketing-related problems. It shows publishers – counter reports, book download reports, most read pages, book open reports, order analysis, etc.

  • Keeping readers engaged in a site:

    With the rise of e-commerce, there is no shortage of online bookstores. It has become necessary for the publishers to ensure that the readers stay hooked to their website instead of abandoning them. And the way to achieve that objective is – content personalization. Content can be personalized by utilizing audience engagement data to drive content strategy. iPC Scholar ebook delivery platform does just that via its strong built-in analytics engine.

  • Supporting different business models:

    The appeal to selling an ebook changes depending upon the business model. At present, there aren’t many publishing solutions in the industry that can support multiple models. That’s where Impelsys’ iPC Scholar’s ebook delivery solution gets an edge. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, it supports any business model aptly. Purchase, rent, side-wide subscriptions, book club, etc. are some of the salient characteristics of this platform. 

To sum it all, keeping in pace with technology and catapulting your publishing brand in digital space is easy with iPC Scholar’s ebook delivery platform (ebook conversion). It’s a fact that going digital with your books might be a challenge at the beginning, but the right tool will make this task systematic and simple. Moreover, experts in the publishing industry believe that ebooks are here to stay for the long haul.