iPC Scholar – a Content Management System (CMS) integrated with marketing tools


iPC Scholar is an integrated platform that offers the capabilities to incorporate both, a Content Management System (CMS) and built-in marketing tools to help promote your content on the same platform.

Our flagship platform – iPC Scholar has been engineered with a modular structure, so it can easily be adapted for the needs of the publishers and eLearning providers. Our platform facilitates the users to host their digital learning content and also rewards them with quicker and higher ROI by helping them grow their online traffic and conversions.

The built-in CMS features and marketing tools in the platform are stitched together seamlessly. These two, coupled with the eCommerce features on the platform, provide your own digital twin of the warehousing, marketing, and distribution of your digital assets.

Whether you are a Publisher, Society, or Association, or an eLearning provider, the built-in CMS on our platform provides immense value to you with the following features:

  1. Launch multiple eLearning Sites (portals) from a single back-office: iPC Scholar has numerous, robust features that satisfy nearly every content hosting need.
    • You can simplify the management of your multiple eLearning Sites /Portals with centralized control for all your portals from a single back-office administration.
    • Maintain easily multi-geography or demographic-specific portals
    • Reach out to the broader audience with support for multiple languages (including LTR and Double-byte languages)
    • Activate or disable your content based on the geography (for example, some eBooks may not be available for a particular country)
  1. Single source to manage all your learning content: It enables the admins to manage and update content in real-time, without the need for any specialized technical knowledge.
    • Streamline your operations with one CMS to manage learning contents in multiple formats (eBooks, audiobooks, video courses, Courses, LMS)
    • Save your time with minimal steps to maintain your digital assets across all your portals (e.g. uploading a revised edition of an eBook)
  1. Easy to scale & instant content updates:
    • Maintain a single source of truth for all your digital contents (irrespective of the number of end-user portals)
    • Provide broader options to your customers with support for both the digital and print versions for eBooks/Journal
    • Flexibility to sell eBooks even as individual chapters (chapter sales)

You can have an expansive catalog of learning content in your CMS, but it’s of little value if you are not able to reach out to the right prospects and when your customers are not able to locate the exact learning content (digital books, journals, courses, etc.) that they are looking for.

We take care of this with the built-in marketing tools on our platform. 

Here is a glimpse of what the platform has to offer:

Widget Marketing: iPC Scholar allows admins to instantly create widgets at the products level. These widgets can be embedded on any webpages (such as start pages, social networks, blogs) and mobiles. These widgets also have a built-in option to allow the customers to purchase the product with a single click. Expand your reach and get a higher ROI with no additional costs.

Supports SEO Web Crawlers: iPC Scholar has an SEO-friendly structure to support the web crawlers. As a result, your eLearning portal and its contents are indexed efficiently and helps you obtain a higher ranking on the search engines.

View Inside: This feature enables book previews that allow readers to have a look inside some permitted sections in the eBooks. You can pique the interest of the potential online prospects and convert them into actual buyers. You can attract higher sales by providing such previews. The sections and number of pages allowed for preview are completely in your control.

Social Media Sharing: Your learners can share the eBooks/Journals/ Courses they are consuming on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). This helps you at two levels: First, you reach out to wider potential prospects. Secondly, the increased sharing on social media helps you obtain a better ranking in the search engines.

Promote through Limited-time Open Access: You can set a predefined period for which your select learning contents can be Open Access. You are not only able to ensure initial customers for your new releases but also generate increased traffic to your portal.

Flexible Discounts Management: Grow your customer base and improve your sales with discounts, as your seasonal strategies, or for your off-season promotions. Enjoy the flexibility to configure discounts for multiple products at a time as a fixed percentage or a flat discount.

Banner Management: Get wider visibility to your key products, discounts, offers, news, and events on your learning portal with easy-to-use automated management of banners and carousels.

Pre-configured Notification Alert: iPC Scholar allows its admins to define events for pre-configured and automated email alerts to your customers. For example, you can intimate your customers of new releases in the areas of their interest. You can also alert your customers to the abandoned cart and encourage them to complete the payments.

Built-in analytics to gain actionable insights: Get better insight into your customers and anticipate their requirements proactively with the help of built-in analytics on user behavior. Create your promotion programs and advertisement campaigns empowered with these data.

Mailchimp integration: Our online classroom platform integrates with MailChimp and similar applications so that your marketing team can send customized promotions to your customers. With the help of tools like MailChimp, email marketing is thriving.

Content Bundles or Collections (eBook/ journal bundles): We help publishers to create eBook/journal bundles, thereby enabling them to aid audience development and increase their revenue streams. Such bundles also allow publishers to easily create entire product lines from an existing product and expand their content portfolio. Your collections can have a separate pricing structure than your individual contents.