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Impelsys takes your AI Learning Platform to the next level using the power of AI/ML. We bring you three state-of-the-art solutions all based on the cloud that helps you to summarize, extract, and derive quizzes from your content. Create your mark in eLearning and differentiate your offerings by using these tools which also save you time and money in the process. AI Cloud is your gateway to make your content more understandable, manageable, and interesting, all powered by AI/ML.

Sum it up™

AI-powered platform to automatically summarize your learning content

Sum it up

Course chapter summarization

The personalized learning path and simplified content discoverability. The modular architecture is future-proofed for continuous innovations.

Abstractive and extractive summaries

Sum it up provides both summarization techniques using the power of AI.

Flashcard creations

Automatically generated quickly referable flashcards from your content such as presentations.

Academic summaries

Promote your academic papers with handy summaries written out, instead of needing to hire human efforts.

How is it useful for you?

Sum it up is used by learners to reduce the cognitive load of courseware. Content summaries are also used to generate shareable and referable extracts of bulky eLearning modules. This tool is useful in situations where summaries are given out to evoke interest and as handouts during and after training sessions. Sum it up has also found a niche in academic circles where summarization of academic content comes in handy to store, index, and categorize lengthy papers.

How is it useful for you?

Get your AI/ML-powered content summaries! Speak to our Solution Expert at today!

Metadata generator

AI- and NLP-powered solution to generate meta tags from a document

Metadata generator

SEO tag extractor

Sharpen your SEO efforts by auto extracting tags from your content.

Enhance content discoverability

Feed ready tags to your CMS/DMS to enable your content to be found easily.

Sentiment analysis

Arrive at the overall sentiment of a piece of text with NLP’s tag extraction powers.

Document classification

Manage your documents and collaterals better by getting ready tags to bundle up.

How is it useful for you?

Tags are more than topics – they help capture the key ideas and key themes from a piece of content with ease. In the era of hashtagging and its reliance on categorization, “Metadata Tagger” comes with AI/ML and NLP-powered capabilities to extract relevant tags from your document. This helps systems index and find the document faster, makes the life of SEO experts easier, and helps in driving classification efforts of any kind.

How is it useful for you?

Manage your content through automatically extracted meta tags! Contact our Solution Expert at today!

IQ Generator

Auto-generate quizzes for your content using

IQ Generator

Quiz generator

Offload your worry of creating quizzes to our automatic platform.


Strengthen learning by using dynamically generated self-assessment from IQ.

Textbook enrichment

Enrich your books with questions and quizzes without needing to type them out.

Facilitate adaptive learning

Enable new learning paths through your content using auto-generated questions.

How is it useful for you?

The task of generating relevant, worthy, and interesting questions from a piece of content is equal parts important and mundane. IQ Generator which comes equipped with AI/ML & NLP backed algorithms solves this problem by giving you a ready-to-deploy set of quizzes and questions for your content. Learners can take self-paced self-assessment quizzes while creators can use them to enhance their learning content. This ability can also be plugged into an LMS, helping it generate questions on the fly, to enable adaptive learning paths.

How is it useful for you?

Elevate the engagement of your eLearning with the power of IQ! Get in touch with us today at!


Enhancing eLearning with iQ: A Comprehensive Assessment And Quiz Generator

Enhancing eLearning with iQ: A Comprehensive Assessment And Quiz Generator

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