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Sum it up

About Sum it up™

Automatic text summarization, an exclusive feature of generates a semantically coherent and meaningful summary of the learning contents while retaining the key information and overall meaning. It automatically summarizes sizeable chunks of learning content into concise and meaningful summaries.

Text Summarization Approach

Text Summarization Approach

Course chapter summarization

The personalized learning path and simplified content discoverability. The modular architecture is future-proofed for continuous innovations.

Flashcard creations

Automatically generated quickly referable flashcards from your content such as presentations.

Abstractive and extractive summaries

Sum it up™ provides both summarization techniques using the power of AI.

Academic summaries

Promote your academic papers with handy summaries written out, instead of needing to hire human efforts.

How is it useful for you?

Sum it up™ is used by learners to reduce the cognitive load of courseware. Content summaries are also used to generate shareable and referable extracts of bulky eLearning modules. This applies very well to incorporate situations where summaries are handed out to elicit interest and also as handouts after training sessions. Sum it up™ has also found a niche in academic circles where summarization of academic content comes in handy to store, index, and categorize lengthy papers.

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How is it useful for you?

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