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Junior Library Guild Partners With Impelsys to Expand Reach to Schools and Public Libraries Across US

June 26, 2014, New York

Impelsys, a global leader in providing electronic content delivery solutions today announced its partnership with Junior Library Guild, one of the subsidiaries of the Media Source Incorporated family of companies, to create an all-inclusive online eBook library for school and library users.

The eBooks portal www.jlgebooks.com will simulate an enhanced library environment with the ability for librarians to assign selective reading materials and eBooks to users and restrict borrowing limits. Users will have access to an online library catalog with check-in and check-out functionalities and the ability to borrow eBooks for online and offline reading – inside and outside the library. To give users a personalized reading experience, the platform will also allow users to save bookmarks, create and export notes and highlight content in the eBooks, all of which can be saved for future reference.

Library administrators will have a full set of control features to track usage and limit usage by concurrency, monitor the number of downloads and configure authentication methods using IP ranges, referral URLs, username, passwords and other access modes required by the library.

“This is a unique partnership which endorses innovation at Impelsys. School libraries in the US are in early stages of digital adoption. This move will help many schools provide specific content to their students in a flexible and controlled environment. While this helps many publishers make their content available for consumption as eBooks in schools, it also puts schools in control of content accessibility,” said Sameer Shariff, Founder & CEO, Impelsys Inc.

The Junior Library Guild serves thousands of school and public libraries by helping them acquire only the best content suited for young readers. This partnership will ensure the right content is available to the users at the right time and reinforces Impelsys’ vision of spreading knowledge through technology.

“We are excited about this innovative partnership with Impelsys. Impelsys has worked with leading publishers supporting their digital strategy and I feel that with their domain expertise and our reach to school libraries in the US, we will be able to create a highly enriching reading and learning experience for our young readers,” said Randall Asmo, CEO and President of Media Source.

iPublishCentral 5.1 comes with a full set of library lending features to support book check-out & check-in, early check-in, download concurrency controls and limits on number of titles a user can borrow at a time.