Impelsys’ eLearning Solutions have been designed to provide on-demand access of course content and assessments anytime, anywhere and from any device. We help create engaging content to enhance the learning experience making it interactive and participative. We have domain expertise in blending online learning to publishers' online and print content.

Our Learning Management Systems (LMS) is built to support electronic delivery of course content, while supporting all the essential features that a great LMS would provide. We have developed and deployed comprehensive LMS solutions built on popular open source frameworks.

Impelsys caters to the eLearning demands of various segments including-

  • K-12 –Using standard web based and app based technology, we simplify the usability and the interface for the young learners. The key functionality for K-12 market like teacher & student interfaces are available as standard options.
  • STM - We offer interactive tools and help create enriched content with integrated assessments to engage self-learners. Our solutions provide support for group learning to encourage students for brainstorming sessions and open-discussions. That also includes messaging, shared notes, blogs, chat, forums and more.
  • Educational Institutions –For institutions offering professional courses we offer solutions like integrated Mobile Apps, Adaptive Rules Engine, Formative & Summative Assessments and Social platforms.
  • Corporate & IT – Impelsys’ LMS Solutions facilitate corporate orientation and skills development through result-driven modules and progress monitoring features critical for corporates.