Impelsys and Hipertexto collaborate to strengthen digital publishing industry in Spanish speaking regions across the world


October 24, 2016 – New York – Bogota: Digital publishing in Spanish language has found, in the alliance between Impelsys Inc. and Hipertexto – Netizen, digital solutions, a definitive boost for the growth of the industry in the years ahead. With advanced platform technology and specialized solutions that give answers to the actual necessities of editors and distributors, enabling new ways of distribution, visibility and monetization of content, the partnership between Impelsys and Hipertexto is all set to cause disruptions in digital publishing industry across the Spanish speaking world. 17 platforms of STM (Scientific, Technical and Medical) and university sectors in Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina and Chile, are an example of what to expect in the future.

With this progressive technology, both companies, which signed an international operation agreement in late 2013, have made available to the publishers of Latin America and Spain an integral ecosystem of digital distribution that, thanks to a flexible model, gives them absolute control over the operations and content management.

This ecosystem, named Hipertexto Cloud, built on Impelsys’ flagship content delivery infrastructure, iPublishCentral, facilitates multiple custom features and advantages that allow publishers to implement business models including rental, subscriptions, book clubs and other customized access to content, for both retail and institutional users.

On the matter, Sameer Shariff, Founder and CEO of Impelsys, comments: “Hipertexto has played a vital role in making integral digital solutions available for Spanish publishing industry, taking advanced technologies to newer environments, with emphasis to guide and accompany the digital strategies of each publisher. More than just another technology provider, Hipertexto is a partner that gives value to each other’s operation model”.

On the other side, Jaime Iván Hurtado, Founder and CEO of Hipertexto, says: “The significance of this alliance, apart from the support and technology of Impelsys, is that we have been able to clearly visualize that the digital publishing industry in Spanish language is an area with scope for exponential growth. Our partnership with Impelsys, reflecting on improved and specialized platforms, guarantees a scalable and promising future for content creators”.

Platforms already implemented through this collaboration, demonstrate how specialized technology can be put at disposition of the publishing industry and the potential for further strategic growth, in keeping with the challenges that the current world presents.

About Hipertexto – Netizen. Digital solutions

With offices in Mexico and Colombia, Hipertexto is a company with partners and clients in 15 countries, the majority of them in Latin America and Spain. In 12 years, Hipertexto has achieved the development and deployment of strategic solutions, media, platforms and technologies focused on the publishing industry to generate, transform and distribute contents.

Digital platforms to distribute contents, multiplatform publishing projects, web development, content conversion, specialized formats, publishing best practices, e-distribution, consulting and publishing management, planning, strategize and training are some of the solutions that this company offers to the market.

About Impelsys

Impelsys is a leading provider of technology solutions and services for global publishers and education providers, managing content and learning delivery on their flagship platform – iPublishCentral Suite, the World’s Most Comprehensive Read to Learn Platform.

Impelsys provides content engineering services across the digital product development lifecycle helping clients build new digital products ranging from eBooks to simulations to online courseware.

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