Al-Balsam Publishing House of Egypt partners with Impelsys to power their global delivery and digital transformation strategy


Impelsys Inc., a leading technology company providing digital products and services to publishers, education providers and enterprises worldwide today announced a business partnership with Al-Balsam, an Egyptian publisher of books for children and young adults in the Arabic language. Through the newly formed alliance, Al-Balsam will leverage Impelsys’ technology expertise to get on the digital bandwagon and push their product through to global consumers.

Al-Balsam Publishing House creates content for children and young adults on a range of subjects in the Arabic language which is made available in Egypt, other Arabic speaking countries and around the world. The company also runs Al-Balsam Bookstore – a specialized children and young adult bookstore located in Giza, Egypt. Al-Balsam bookstore specializes in books in the Arabic language and carries a wide variety of English titles as well as some French and German titles, and also has sections for adults.

Stepping into the digital age, Al-Balsam intends to transform their products, distribution, marketing and delivery strategy to provide a world-class, multi-channel digital content experience to its users and expand its reach across the globe. Impelsys, with its long standing experience in building sustainable digital strategies for some of the most renowned publishing houses, will provide state-of-the-art automated content conversion services for content digitization. The converted digital content will be hosted and distributed through Impelsys’ flagship content delivery platform, iPC Scholar.

Al-Balsam, in addition to print publishing, will now offer digital content through a branded portal with online and offline capabilities, supported by robust mobile reader applications. The portal built on iPC Scholar will help Al-Balsam consolidate its offerings through multiple fulfillment models such as retail, institutional and subscriptions, opening up newer distribution channels and markets. The platform will also deliver extensive insights through comprehensive reports and analytics, helping decipher consumer behavior, title performances, reading and learning patterns etc.

Speaking on the new partnership, Mrs. Balsam Saad, Founder of Al-Balsam said, “Al-Balsam is a forward-looking organization, we provide high quality content for children and young adults with the purpose to inspire, give hope and educate. We want our content to be accessible to everyone around the globe and provide them the ease of access and convenience of reading, so that they reap maximum benefit from our resources. Going digital was imminent for Al-Balsam, with our content in digital form now, available both online and offline, accessible to anybody with a laptop or a smartphone we will see that our resources are widely utilized and that they contribute to the fun and learning experience of our readers.”

Dr. Mohamed Wahdan, co-owner, Al-Balsam conveyed, “Digitization gives us a wider reach in terms of markets and we hope this partnership with Impelsys will help us touch more readers across the world.”

“Digital learning content like ebooks offer multiple advantages to students and publishers, you can carry a library of books in your pocket and you don’t need to go to shops to get them, and digital books are cheaper to make and distribute.” said Sameer Shariff, Founder and CEO of Impelsys about Al-Balsam adopting Impelsys’ technology for digitization and delivery of their educational resources. He added, “Al-Balsam is one of the series of Impelsys’ new alliances in the Arabic market and it’s a testimony to the excellence of our innovation in content and learning delivery technology. I hope that with iPC Scholar and our content conversion services Al-Balsam will achieve their publishing goals and students across Egypt will be able to leverage digital technology for academic advantage.”

About Al-Balsam Publishing

Al-Balsam Publishing House is an Egyptian publisher of books for children and young adults in Arabic. Al-Balsam works to revive culture, language and values both through locally developed materials as well as through content translated to and from around the world. The company also runs Al-Balsam Bookstore – a specialized children and young adult bookstore located in Dokki, Cairo, Egypt. It specializes in books in Arabic language but also carries a wide variety of English titles as well as some French and German books, and books for adults.  Building on the vast experience and the strong network in Egypt, the Arab countries, and the world, acquired through the years, Al-Balsam is ready to offer its unique service of designing and providing recommended lists of titles to individuals and organizations to match their needs in terms of age group, subject, and interests while meeting their budget.

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About Impelsys

Impelsys Inc. is a leading provider of technology solutions and services for education providers, publishers and enterprises – managing content and learning delivery on their flagship platform – iPublishCentral Suite, the World’s Most Comprehensive Read-to-Learn Solution.

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