Impelsys Hosts an IT Executive Summit on Cloud and Generative AI in New York


February 27, New York City,

Impelsys, a leading global provider of platforms, technology solutions, and services, successfully hosted an IT Executive Summit on Cloud and Generative AI in New York. The summit, held on the sidelines of the AWS Publishing Symposium, brought together executives and thought leaders from the publishing world to explore cutting-edge advancements in cloud and AI.

The summit hosted a broad spectrum of discussions encompassing the adoption of next-gen cloud and AI technologies and their impact on the publishing sector. In addition to cloud, the summit also focused on strengthening the use of generative AI among publishers.

“The discussions at the IT Executive Summit were insightful and revealed the opportunities and threats to publishers embracing AI, said Barry Bealer, Vice President of Publishing, Information Services, and Education at Impelsys. “We exchanged perspectives on the vast scope of cloud and AI in publishing, highlighting their ability to transform traditional workflows and enhance collaboration while meeting ever-changing consumer demands faster.”

Speaking about the potential of cloud and generative AI, Sripad KB, Vice President of Cloud Services at Impelsys, said, “A strategic approach to the adoption of cloud managed services and generative AI can be a game-changer for publishers. AIOps can streamline content creation processes, enhance editorial workflows, deliver personalized experiences, and lower operational costs.”

Impelsys is committed to shaping the future of publishing through technology and continues to lead the charge in empowering organizations with digital transformation. The company’s dedication to innovation and its forward-thinking approach are paving the way for a new era in the publishing industry.

Press Desk Contact

Swaroop Chandra
Vice President, Marketing
Impelsys Inc