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Future of Mobile Learning in Education

The evolution of wireless technologies and development of applications for mobile devices in higher education have been spectacular. For many educators, mobile technology in the field of teaching and learning has recently become one of the most important areas of research.

Today, mobile learning is a strategic decision for organizations that dwell in OR deal with education. The use of mobile technology incorporates cloud teaching where access to people, resources and information is seamless, regardless of location. Learners in different time zones and locations can access tutors when needed.

Mobile learning has become a trend, from a pedagogical and technological perspective. The increasing availability of open educational resources for mobile technology is making access to learning more affordable for anyone who wants to learn. More and more schools are moving towards mobile learning in the classroom and are taking advantage devices that offer portability and ease of use on a budget. Netbooks, iPads, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, etc. are increasingly becoming the tools of choice for today’s educators.

The use of mobile technologies is changing the way we live and how we access education. Mobile learning is an exciting opportunity for educators, and with proper training, and time teachers can soon make rapid strides with them, and be able to support and instruct the use of such devices in the classroom on a regular basis.