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Using Gamification In Your Learning Management Systems

Gamification, a novel method of motivating action, is the use of games or gaming elements in environments that are typically not defined as a game environment. The objective of gamification is to engage audiences and induce a certain behavior such as complete a...

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Benefits of Microlearning for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals have busy and stressful jobs as they have to exude empathy and patience while taking care of ill and impatient people. Amidst their duties and services towards patients they also have to find enough time to attend trainings, adhere to...

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An Instructional Design Approach For Medical Professionals

The medical profession is extremely unique because of the manner in which education and training translates into immediate and real-time patient care. Infact, the profession is enriched largely by trainee nurses, medical interns, allied healthcare workers,...

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Techniques to Fast Track Employee Onboarding

The onboarding process, in many ways, sets the pace for a new hire’s tenure in a particular organisation. A great onboarding process has the potential to leave an employee with a real conviction to make a difference at the organisation, come what may. Whereas a...

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Impact of Personalized Learning on Employees and Organisations

Personalized learning is a technique of learning in which the training and coursework are tailored to each individual person’s learning preferences and needs. Individuals set their own training goals and even decide the pace of their learning as well. Now, to put this...

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Employee Training Software: Must-have Features and Functions

Employee training has evolved and become progressively more refined than it was barely a decade ago. Traditional Instructor Led Trainings (ILT) held in classrooms have now been replaced with online training being administered through sophisticated employee training...

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