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Understanding KPIs for Evaluating Employee Training Outcomes

The importance of employee training has become exceedingly eminent over the last few decades. Learning Analytics and KPIs share a correlative function as one measure the impact of learning, and the other indicates the knowledge gaps and areas for improvement in the...

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3 Step Guide How to Choose an LMS

Choosing a Learning Management System (LMS) that meets the required features within budget can prove to be a challenging task for both learning and IT departments. Today, an LMS provides all the functionality mandatory for academic institutions, businesses, and...

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Must-Have LMS Features For Training Support

Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are increasingly becoming critical organizational aids for education and training, especially given extant work-from-home norms in the global pandemic-driven environment.. Demand for digitally enabled learning is growing across the...

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Say Bye to Flash, Switch from Flash to HTML5 Today!

Adobe Flash once held sway over multimedia web platform, thanks to its ability to create a wide range of interactivities and animations. However, its usage gradually diminished due to the increasing use of authoring tools which acts as barrier to keep up with today’s...

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Using Gamification In Your Learning Management Systems

Gamification, a novel method of motivating action, is the use of games or gaming elements in environments that are typically not defined as a game environment. The objective of gamification is to engage audiences and induce a certain behavior such as complete a...

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Benefits of Microlearning for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals have busy and stressful jobs as they have to exude empathy and patience while taking care of ill and impatient people. Amidst their duties and services towards patients they also have to find enough time to attend trainings, adhere to...

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