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Content Engineering

Smarter and Faster Content Transformation Solutions

Reimagine your content resources with our impact-driven automated solutions and transformation services

Our content engineers can help you create value across the product life-cycle, both through cutting-edge automated solutions and complex transformation services. Drastically shorten your digital product development cycle and create enriched digital content by converting your existing resources into bite-sized, tailor-made solutions for your on-the-go readers.

Our innovative workflow solutions, enrichment, and semantic services ensure that your business puts the best foot forward.

What We Offer

Bring your linear and static content to life by adding interactivity, reusability, and discoverability features.


A standard eBook publishing format which is supported by digital readers & platforms
  • ePDF
  • Enhanced eBook with media library
  • ePub 2/3
  • XMLs and HTMLs
  • ePub 3 with animations and interactivity


This can be an image, audio, or video etc. which supports the content, making it easier to understand and has been ideated from original source as provided by the client.
  • Image bank
  • Question bank
  • Audio glossaries
  • Flashcards
  • Assessments and Question Banks
  • Simulations
  • Video and Audio files


Content is converted from one format to a different one as required by the clients.
  • Video conversion
  • Audio – Text sync
  • HTML5 application
  • Flash-to-HTML5

Get more out of your existing resources

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Increase ROI on your content
Reusable and Adaptive content
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Efficient Development Cycles

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