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Get the Feasibility to Learn While You Work

Employee productivity and training are now at your fingertips across multiple organizational levels

Organizational success depends upon its employees. Therefore it is vital to ensure that your employees are constantly learning and upskilling themselves to keep your business afloat in a competitive market. In this digital age, we are offering you a chance to enhance this overall learning and training experience with our expertise in developing corporate coursewares and learning management platforms. Instead of opting for a traditional classroom-based training approach, you can choose our solutions to keep your workforce engaged and captivated.

Our Offerings

Enterprise Knowledge
Centre (EKC)

We are aware that content can exist in different formats and can be spread across different locations in an enterprise thereby making content management, curation, discoverability, and distribution time consuming and intensive.

To solve these issues we bring you EKC’s which comprise of a centralized content repository on enterprise cloud and a delivery infrastructure facilitating multi-format, multi-device distribution of premium enterprise-level content. They help enterprises bring all their content be it whitepapers, case studies, product documents, videos, training materials and learning resources, financial disclosures, etc. in one place. Additionally, they also ensure that these pieces of content are promptly and securely delivered to audiences everywhere and in any device.

Enterprise Learning, Development, and Onboarding Solutions

As the talent market becomes more competitive, corporate sustenance and competitive advantage will depend on employee learning, development, and on-boarding programs. Uniform instruction, relevant and multi-format content, tracking the effectiveness of various programs are some of the common challenges of your existing learning and development initiatives.

We offer you – iPC Scholar, a platform which is an advanced enterprise learning management solution. This platform combined with our content engineering and course development services can help you make learning an engaging and fulfilling experience for your employees.

Enterprise Content Management & Courseware Development Solutions

Our experience of working with some of the biggest content developers and publishers of the world has given us an in-depth understanding of how content should be efficiently managed to achieve predefined business goals. Our enterprise-level content management infrastructure provides you with a cloud-based centralized content repository for storage. Additionally, our state-of-the-art delivery platform – iPC Scholar – will ensure that the right content is available for the designated audience – customers, employees, stakeholders etc. at the right time.

Product Development

A truly efficient product development and engineering process requires both strategic and operational vision. At Impelsys, our product development services span the entire lifecycle from new product innovation, programming, documenting, testing and bug fixing to market presentation. We offer flexible customer engagement models – starting from basic consulting models, going on to ODC (Offshore Development Centre) model to complex BOT ( Build, Operate, Transfer) model. We provide product development services in areas of:

  • Custom learning management solutions
  • Big data, analytics and business intelligence
  • Media development
  • Simulations
  • Courseware development
  • Mobility solutions

To produce a smart workplace with a skilled workforce

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Increased productivity
Reduced learning and development costs
Facilitate collaboration among employees
Flexible on the job learning
Practical application of bespoke insights

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