Adaptive learning system

Scholar ALS

Scholar’s Adaptive Learning System (ALS) empowers you to create custom learning
journeys for students by leveraging the power of AI

A learning system that
adapts to learners

The key goal of adaptive learning system is to use computer algorithms to orchestrate the interaction with students and deliver customized resources and learning activities to address the unique needs of each student.

By enabling students to track their learning journeys, the platform ensures that they not only can measure their success when it comes to learning but also can develop useful skills for self-monitoring and diligence.

Intelligent Learning System

Customizable content
Customizable content

Enhance learner experience by individualizing content for your learners

Personalized learning journeys
Personalized learning journeys

Learning journeys for students based on strengths, weaknesses, and existing mastery

Actionable insights
Actionable insights

Get detailed reports and insights for learners as well as course administrators

Looking to create a perfect
solution for your business needs?

We have the experience, extensive technical stack, and polished processes to
help you cover your goals and objectives.

How can your end users benefit
further from Scholar ALS?

How your end users can benefit further
Easy to use search functionalities

Performs basic and advanced searches based on parameters like keywords, publication date range, phrase matches, author, open-access type or restricted access type, etc.

How your end users can benefit further
Custom single sign-on

Provides single sign-on using social media logins with Facebook, Google, and Twitter; hence, simplifying registrations and logins for end users.

How your end users can benefit further
End-user support

Maintain personalization on the read content – maintain notes, highlights, export the notes/personalization.

How your end users can benefit further
Keywords and alerts

Alert end users on product publications based on keyword management.

How your end users can benefit further
User profile

Manage Profile, Create Shelf, One View of all the personalizations created across titles, Order History details.

How your end users can benefit further

Personalization, Bookmarks, Highlights, Notes, Citation, Translations, Text to Speech.

Why Scholar ALS?

  • Not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ LMS that creates adaptive learning journeys
  • AI-powered content curation to enable student growth
  • Factors in students’ attributes, skill-gaps, motivation, confidence, & expertise
  • Adaptive learning paths based on automated real-time analysis
Why Scholar ALS?

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