Scholar eBooks publishing platform

Scholar eBooks publishing platform

Enabled with a suite of tools and workflows, experience the power of Scholar’s
complete platform to host, manage, and monetize your eBooks

Comprehensive eBooks
Publishing Platform

We provide a comprehensive ebook publishing platform with a vast set of features that enables publishers and educational institutions to host and manage all their eBooks and associated learning content. Using the centralized back office of Scholar eBooks, you can manage multiple portals, content formats, users, languages, and more from one single platform.

Empowered with a customizable White-Label Reader that allows for your brand to be showcased and with support for offline access, our complete eBooks publishing platform will allow your users to have a seamless learning experience. With advanced built-in reporting, you can get detailed insights on content usage within the platform.

End-to-End eBooks Hosting Solutions

Scholar eBooks Multi-Content Formats Support
Multi-Content Formats Support

Ebooks, audiobooks, videos, journals, courses, collections, and multimedia content

Scholar eBooks Centralized CMS
Centralized CMS

Single CMS to manage multiple portals with multilanguage & compliance support

Scholar eBooks Integrated Ad-Management
Integrated Ad-Management

Complete control of advertisements using the integrated ad-management framework

Scholar eBooks Actionable Insights
Actionable Insights

Actionable insights on usage data, user demographics, device-wise usage, and content

Scholar eBooks Enhanced User Experience
Enhanced User Experience

Integrated AI/ML-based cognitive solutions through the modern user interface

Scholar eBooks Military-Grade DRM
Military-Grade DRM

Highest levels of user rights and privacy for both online and offline content

Scholar eBooks Availability On Multiple Devices
Availability on Multiple Devices

Handheld devices for iOS & Android as well as Mac & Windows computers

Scholar eBooks Customizable white-label reader
Customizable White-Label Reader

Reader with built-in study tools and personalizations with offline access capability

Scholar eBooks Easy-to-Integrate Solution
Easy-to-Integrate Solution

The platform can be easily integrated with other systems in your organization.

Scholar eBooks eCommerce management
eCommerce Management

Built-in eCommerce support with support for multiple business models

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How your end users can benefit
further from Scholar eBooks?

How your end users can benefit further
Easy discoverability of content

Performs basic and advanced searches based on parameters like keywords, publication date range, phrase matches, author, open-access type or restricted access type, etc.

How your end users can benefit further
Custom single sign-on

Provides single sign-on using social media logins with FB, Google, and Twitter, hence, simplifying registrations and logins for end users.

How your end users can benefit further
Online replica of your real-world learning habits

Virtual personal reading room and host of study & personalization tools to maintain notes, highlights, underline, sticky notes, etc.

How your end users can benefit further
Keywords and Alerts

Alert the end-user on product publications based on keyword management.

How your end users can benefit further
User Profile

Manage profile, create the shelf, one view of all the personalizations created across titles, order history details

How your end users can benefit further

Personalization, bookmarks, highlights, notes, citations, translations, text-to-speech

Value Proposition of Scholar eBooks

  • Increase engagement with customers through multimedia and interactive contents
  • Get detailed insights on published content, users, and customers
  • Strategize your operations and sales & marketing efforts using easy and actionable insights
  • Effortlessly switch between business models based on present market scenario
  • Learners get their customizable personal library & built-in study tools for real-like experience
  • Save time and cost with a ready-to-deploy solution
  • Domain agnostic platform supporting STM and more
  • A simple easy-to-use interface with a modern user experience
  • Create a global presence with multiple portals through a common back office
  • Save time with easy discoverability of content

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