Scholar eLibrary

Scholar eLibrary

Experience the convenience and power of the comprehensive Scholar eLibrary built
For Institutional and Public Libraries

End-to-end virtual library

Scholar eLibrary is a one-stop solution for the complete digital transformation of physical libraries into their virtual avatars. Replicating the complete user experience of a physical library, this e-library comes loaded with workflows, features, security measures, and so on. Because of its digital nature, it also makes tracking the digital assets much easier and provides detailed analytics and insights.

The solution can be adapted for any library of any size – be it a city library or state library. Users can also access the eLibrary – which supports various formats of content – from any location, as well as, both online and offline. And the designated authorities can manage the complete e-library infrastructure from a single location.

Complete Digital Transformation

Complete virtual library

Replicates the experience of physical libraries through a virtual avatar

Multiple content formats support

Supports content of various formats including eBooks, Videos, Audiobooks, and Courses

Convenient access

Provides online and offline access to e-library through integrated library cards

Virtual library process flows

Replication of check-in, check-out, limit number of books per member, and book requests

Secure asset management

DRM to maintain the desired number of copies of learning content in circulation

Remote Access

Supports remote login for institutional access for all authorized users

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How your end users can benefit
further from Scholar eLibrary

How your end users can benefit further
Find your resources wherever you are

Virtual Library which is a replica of the original library

How your end users can benefit further
Seamless login with a single sign-on

Institutional Users login in with their SSO

How your end users can benefit further
Same resources for remote login

Use existing Library Cards for remote login

How your end users can benefit further
Hassle-free digital book issue

Virtual issue and return of books in easy steps

How your end users can benefit further
Read at your comfort

Online and Office reading

How your end users can benefit further
Use multiple devices for seamless access

Multiple device supports

How your end users can benefit further
Smart bookmark to resume with ease

Continuity across pauses and change of devices

Why Scholar eLibrary?

  • Complete digital replication of your physical library
  • Centralized management of all your digital assets
  • Actionable insights for complete library management
  • Resource optimization and selection of books in the collection

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